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Designed to coordinate with the extensive off-campus study programs available at HWS, the International Relations program offers students the rigor and flexibility to turn their fascination with world affairs into invaluable training for post-graduate careers.


Temple Offers Roadmap for Global Citizenship

Temple Charlie Classroom-00169What constitutes a global perspective? Professor of Education Charlie Temple has thought about this question often during the more than 35 years he has taught at HWS. With the support…
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Spring Language Tables

Germany Language Table-00063“French table isn’t about perfect grammar. It’s about speaking French with others who only want to help you improve and succeed,” says Margaret “Gretty” Hollister ’20, vice president of the…
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Philbrick Yadav Examines Takfir and Constitutional Design

Yadav_Stacey_2In the most recent issue of the journal Terrorism and Political Violence, Associate Professor of Political Science Stacey Philbrick Yadav and her coauthor, Ian M. Hartshorn, analyze public acts of takfir — the…
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Gurian ’19 returns from Queensland

Gurian_1As a biology major and chemistry minor on the pre-veterinarian track, Eva Gurian ’19 jumped at the chance to participate in HWS’ biology-centered, study abroad program that allowed her to…
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Philbrick Yadav on “Politics, Governance, and Reconstruction in Yemen’s War”

Yadav_Stacey_3In recent publications and international media coverage, Associate Professor of Political Science Stacey Philbrick Yadav explores the many facets of the civil war that has engulfed Yemen since 2015. Philbrick…
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