At the core of Hobart William Smith's liberal arts pre-professional program in Architectural Studies is a belief in the value of design as an iterative process and the importance of developing a critical eye on the art, architecture, landscapes, and cities of our time. Architecture is in a progressive and expanding state; those trained in the design process are involved in solving some of the most pressing problems of the twenty-first century. Visual thinkers, makers, and dreamers, we embrace creativity and innovation in our studios, and socio-critical analysis in our history and theory courses. Larger and more established than any other liberal arts architecture program in the nation, HWS's degree offers exceptional preparation for graduate school and creative careers.


Mathews in Art in America

Mathews Stan Class-0158With his plans for the Fun Palace, architect Cedric Price reimagined recreation for 1960s Londoners, merging state-of-the-art technology and a desire for rapid architectural adaptability to accommodate and even anticipate…
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“Eat and Run” with Laura Nova

Eat and Run 
Department of Art and Architecture 
Houghton House 

"Examines the dynamics of social interaction through consumption, cardio, and comedy" The Hobart and William Smith community welcomed multidisciplinary artist Laura Nova for a guest lecture, “Eat and Run,” designed to introduce students to the ways they can apply multidisciplinary art…
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HWS Display Alum Art

Res26510As HWS students, painter Jenny Wu ’12 and sculptor Andrew Hellmund ’14 were already prolific and widely exhibited artists. Now, as they develop their craft and their audience, the graduates…
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Students Design Perkin Observatory Landscaping

Res26227In July, four Hobart and William Smith architecture students presented their landscape design proposals for the new Richard S. Perkin Observatory. Completed earlier in 2016, the Perkin Observatory is a…
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Five Faculty Members Granted Tenure

Res26072The Hobart and William Smith Colleges Board of Trustees, upon recommendation of President Mark D. Gearan, recently approved tenure and promotion to the rank of Associate Professor to four faculty…
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Educators at professional programs of architecture repeatedly extol the virtues of integrating more liberal arts into the education of architects. Professors of Architecture at Syracuse University write:

"What additional areas of education do architecture students need in the 21st century and how are we preparing them for the ever-evolving landscapes of practice? Interdisciplinary educational models are imperative for the future of the profession. If architects are to remain vital to the built environment, we must cross disciplinary boundaries in order to broaden the discipline’s role politically, socially, and materially. In the face of rapid technological change, it’s imperative that architects learn to work collaboratively with a widening expanse of experts in other fields. Retreating into a disciplinary bubble is not an option." (Source)



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