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Title IX Basketball Tournament Rules: 6 vs 6 Basketball

  1. Scoring by 2 and 3 point baskets.
  2. Possession is determined by a coin flip, then alternating.
  3. Each player is allowed 2 dribbles only before passing or shooting the ball. More than 3 dribbles will result in a turnover.
  4. Guards cannot score or receive a pass from a forward (back court violation).
  5. Each team will designate 3 guards and 3 forwards.
  6. Guards play defense only, forwards play offense only and are not allowed over the half court line.
  7. Players can only switch positions during a time out and half time. 
  8. Each team receives one 1-minute time out per half.
  9. Time will only be stopped for injury or as deemed necessary by the present official.
  10. A team shall receive 2 points for all baskets made except underhand (granny style) shots which are worth 3 points and can be taken from anywhere on the court.
  11. One conduct technical foul (i.e. unsportsmanlike behavior, taunting of any type, etc.) results in an automatic disqualification of that player and removal from the gym. Failure to leave the gym in one minute will result in a forfeit for the disqualified player's team. Any foul with malicious intent is a flagrant foul and the offensive team receives 2 points or 3 points on an underhand point shot. Ejection of the player is determined by supervisor.
  12. Foul Rules:
    1. If fouled while shooting, the fouled player receives two free throws. If the shooter made the basket despite the foul, he or she is entitled to only one free throw.
    2. If fouled while not shooting, the fouled player receives possession of the ball.
  13. While there is a 10 second backcourt violation, no 3 second or 5 second violations will be called.

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