HWS Intramurals

Intramural Indoor Soccer Rules

Traditional soccer rules apply with the following exceptions:

  1. 6 v. 6 including keepers

  2. No off-sides

  3. Kick Off is indirect

  4. If the ball hits the ceiling (or any other structures inside the field house), an Indirect Free Kick placed at the kick off spot is awarded to the other team.

  5. No Slide Tackling
    • Slide Tackle (if not a foul) = Indirect Free Kick
    • Slide Tackle (if foul) = Direct Free Kick, PK if in final 1/4 of field

  6. Goalies:
    • No punts/drop kicks. If violated, result is indirect free kick from half field line
    • Goalie Throw/Goal Kicks must land or be touched before crossing the 3/4 line. If violated, result is indirect free kick from kicking team's 1/4 line.

  7. Corner: Defenders no closer than the edge of the goal box.

  8. Free Kicks/PKs: Foul in final 1/4 of the field = "PK" from determined spot (12 yards)

  9. Kick-ins: Indirect, no bounds

  10. Substitutions: On the fly

  11. Time Keeping: Exact 25 minute halves (no waiting for play to become neutral, whistle is blown when time = 0)

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