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Intramural Floor Hockey Rules

  1. Each team will consist of no less than five players and a goalie. Players shall play on only one team in a league. A player will subject both teams to forfeit all games if found violating this rule. A player may play on two or more teams providing the teams are in different leagues.

  2. Sneakers MUST be worn by all players. No padding inserted in clothing or regulation hockey pads will be allowed, except for limited padding for the goalkeeper.

  3. Each game will consist of two 20-minute halves with a 5 minute break between halves. Play is non-stop except for official time-outs.

  4. Each team is allowed one 1-minute time out.

  5. Substitutions may enter the game at any time as long as officials feel that their position does not result in an unfair advantage (i.e. entering a fast break or entering to stop a fast break.)

  6. One point will be awarded for each goal scored.

  7. A face off is utilized to begin each half, after a goal is scored, and if a supervisor inadvertently blows a whistle and no team has clear possession of the puck. Face-offs occur in the center circle and are started when the supervisor drops the puck on the floor. No movement is allowed until the puck is dropped. The players not involved in the face-off must be at least 10 feet away.

  8. The puck may be advanced by use of the stick or by kicking it.

  9. The hands may be used to knock down an airborne puck with no advancement or directional placement; a player may not close his hand around the puck. Players may not “swat” at the puck with their stick if it is in close proximity to an opponent’s hand.

  10. Shots may be taken only by shooting or deflecting with the stick when the stick blade is being held below the waist. Shots bouncing off a player and into the goal shall be legal as long as the puck contact with the person is accidental as determined by the official.

  11. Shots may be taken from anywhere on the floor.

  12. A goal is scored when the entire puck has crossed the goal line.

  13. Goals will not be counted if:
    • a. The stick blade is held above waist level.
    • b. The puck is kicked in.
    • c. The puck is batted in with the hand.
    • d. An offensive player is in the crease.

  14. When the goalie catches the puck, he may hold it for approximately 3 seconds and have it remain in play. To keep the puck in play, the goalie may throw the puck to either side of the goal, but not towards the opposing goal. The goalie may also drop the puck on the floor and hit it in any direction with his stick.

  15. If the goalie holds the puck for more than 3 seconds or throws the puck forward a minor foul will be called and the opposing team will get the puck in the nearest offensive corner.

  16. The goalie can only freeze the puck if he is in the crease. If the goalie leaves the crease he becomes a regular player. If players freeze the puck, possession is received by the other team.

  17. If the puck leaves the playing area or is tied up along the wall, the team nearest to the puck receives control.

  18. There will be no off-sides or icing.

  19. An automatic goal will be awarded if a defending player throws a stick to prevent the puck from entering an open net.

  20. A penalty shot will be awarded to a player who had a clear scoring opportunity and was tripped, held, etc. by the opponent.

  21. The wooden part of the stick shall be deemed part of the person and "violations of the stick" will be penalized as though directed to the person.

  22. In the event of a tie, one sudden death three minute overtime is played; then, five player shootout; then, sudden death shootout.

  23. There will be no body checking. Any heavy contact, accidental or intentional, will not be tolerated. Any behavior deemed unruly or dangerous by the supervisors will result in ejection from the game either temporarily or permanently.

  24. All decision and rulings of the supervisors are final.

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