HWS Intramurals

Intramural Flag Football Rules

  1. Blocking can only be done with open hands and is only permitted between the waist and shoulders.

  2. The game is played in two 25-minute halves. The last two minutes of each half are stopped but the other twenty-three are running. Halftime is 5 minutes long.

  3. Each team is allowed two timeouts per half.

  4. If a play begins with one or more of the players lacking their flag, it may proceed until that player touches the ball. No matter where that player is, the ball is dead on that spot (ie. If the quarterback snaps the ball, and their flag is not on, the ball is dead where they touch it, and the down is lost).

  5. For a reception, the receiver must have one foot in bounds.

  6. The field will be divided into thirds by cones. The cones in the middle act as first down markers while the cones at either end represent the goal line.

  7. During a punt, only two members of the punting team may advance down field with the snap. The other five members must wait for the kick.

  8. Only one team member may be in motion when the ball is snapped and they may NOT be moving forward.

  9. Only seven members of each team are allowed on the field at once. There must be at least three blockers on the line of scrimmage. There must be the same number of defensive linemen as there are offensive linemen. One of the offensive linemen can declare himself eligible to catch a pass by raising his hand at the line of scrimmage.

  10. Three men/women are allowed to rush the quarterback at the snap of the ball. Yes, you can rush a defensive back and two linemen while dropping one lineman back into coverage.

  11. Rushing anymore than three men/women is considered a blitz. Each team is permitted one blitz per every four downs.

  12. Contact is permitted within the first five yards of the line of scrimmage. Contact made after five yards while the ball is in the air will be considered Pass Interference. An automatic first down and ten-yard penalty is assessed after a Pass Interference call.

  13. A touchdown is worth 7 pts. If a team chooses to, they can go for two from the five-yard line. If they fail to convert, they receive only 6 points for the touchdown.

  14. The quarterback is permitted to run at anytime during a play. He/She does not have to stay in the pocket.

  15. Kickoffs must be punted.

  16. A team may elect to punt on fourth down.

  17. Mouthpieces are highly recommended, though not required, to protect your mouth and teeth.

  18. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, a coin will be flipped to see who will receive the ball and play will continue until the first team scores.

  19. Safeties are worth two points.

  20. The referee is there for your safety, and to ensure fairness. As with any intramural sport, fighting is strictly forbidden, and any incidents will be reported to the appropriate dean.

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