HWS Intramurals

Intramural Co-ed Volleyball Rules

  1. Games are played to 25 points, and the winning team must win by two points. Matches are best of three games.

  2. Each team must consist of at least 6 players. For a co-ed team, at least two of each gender must be on the court at all times.

  3. Subs may enter the game only during their team's rotation. Subs must remain in the game for one full rotation (playing all six positions) before leaving the game.

  4. Fouls occur:
    • when a player reaches over or under the net
    • when a player touches an opponent
    • when a player holds or throws the ball instead of distinctly batting it
    • if the ball is played more than three times on one side
    • if one player hits the ball twice in succession

  5. Players line-up may change for each new game, however the line-up must stay consistent within each game.

  6. Players on the serving team must rotate clockwise. When the ball is served, each player must be in his or her own area. After the ball is served, each player may section.

  7. The ball must be served from the right back of the court behind the rear of the 10-foot mark and may be hit with any hand. Only one trial serve is allowed per side and it must land within the opponent's court.

  8. The serve counts if the serve touches the net, goes over and falls on the opponent's side of the court.

  9. Any ball landing on a boundary is considered "in". A player may leave the court to play a ball.

  10. If a ball touches a player or a player touches a ball, he or she is considered as having played the ball regardless of the circumstances. The ball can hit any part of the body.

  11. Report all scores to the Intramurals Director at x3901 or at hess@hws.edu.

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