HWS Intramurals

Intramural Co-ed Soccer Rules

  1. Games will be played 6 on 6 (this can be modified depending upon the number of players present and both captain’s decisions). Since this is a co-rec league, there must be at least two of each gender on the field at all times. The team can consist solely of women, but an all-male team is not allowed.

  2. There will be two - 25 minute halves (running time).

  3. No slide tackling permitted.

  4. Fighting is PROHIBITED. Any action that is not soccer involved will be reported to the Dean's and the proper steps will be taken.

  5. Throw-ins are optional. If the ball went out on the end line, the normal rules of corner kick/goal kick should be applied.

  6. Other than the rules stated above, normal soccer rules should be followed. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, it is the choice of the captains as to whether they want to continue playing or go to a shootout. In the Championship, there will be two overtimes played until a shootout occurs.

  7. For indoor games, the decision to use goalies will be decided before the contest begins. Small goals can be used without goalies and larger goals can be used with goalies. A goalie box can be added when goalies are used.

  8. The referee will provide the game ball. The ruling of the referee is final. The referee reserves the right to eject any player from the game.

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