HWS Intramurals

Intramural Basketball Rules - 3 Player Game

  1. The scoring team retains possession of the ball.

  2. A player may be substituted only after a basket is scored, before the ball is put into play, or when the ball is changing possession.

  3. NCAA rules apply to dribbling, walking, goal tending, etc.

  4. There are no time outs. Injuries should be dealt with during breaks in action.

  5. Teams play to 21 points. Regular one, two and three point baskets will be counted. The score should be stated and agreed upon by both teams after every basket is made.

  6. Ball possession at the start of the game will be determined by a coin flip.

  7. After a basket, the ball must be taken at the top of the key outside the 3 point line. The ball must be passed to another player to initiate play (i.e. the ball must be "checked" with a player from the opposite team.)

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