Dating/Domestic Violence

Warning Signs

While no list can ever capture all the possible warning signs of an abusive relationship, the following list covers some possible warning signs one might notice.

Have you/Has your partner ever...

  • pushed or shoved you
  • held you to keep you from leaving
  • slapped or bit you
  • kicked or choked you
  • hit or punched you
  • locked you out of the house/apartment
  • thrown objects at you
  • abandoned you in dangerous places
  • make demeaning jokes or demeaning remarks about you
  • been overly jealous or angry with you
  • minimized your feelings
  • been overly critical of you
  • insisted on and/or forced unwanted and uncomfortable touching or sex
  • withheld affection
  • ridiculed or insulted your most valued beliefs, your religion, race, heritage or class
  • insulted or drove away your friends or family
  • kept you from working controlled your money, made all decisions
  • threatened you
  • manipulated you emotionally or with lies
  • damaged or broke your property
  • threatened to hurt friends, family or pets
  • made you feel unsafe, scared, or fearful

Have you said YES to any of these?

You can reach out to...

Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes, Inc.
(315) 781-1093
150 Castle Street, Geneva
Offer support groups for survivors of sexual assault/domestic violence, provide individual counseling, legal accompaniment and personal advocacy with referrals to local agencies.

HWS Center for Counseling and Wellness
(315) 781-3388
After Hours Emergencies: (315) 781-3333
Provides free, confidential services for HWS students, including individual and group counseling and emergency psychological counseling. The CCSW also offers psychological consultation to students, faculty, and staff as well as parents and families who are concerned about a student.


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