Dating/Domestic Violence

How to Report

If you are considering a "formal report" to have your case heard before the Sexual Assault Grievance Board at HWS, you will need to report the assault to an HWS official.

You can discuss your rights and options by contacting:

Robb Flowers, Vice President for Student Affairs, at (315) 781-3900;
Sandy Bissell, Director of Human Resources, at (315) 781-3313; or
Montrose Streeter, Associate Dean of Campus Safety and Conduct, at (315) 781-3900.

Below is a brief outline of the campus reporting process. If you would like more details, please read the Processes and Procedures of Reporting, go to page 9 in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Process, Procedures and Hearing Board

Any member of the Colleges’ community or any visitor or guest who feels he or she has been subjected to conduct in violation of this policy or accused of a violation of the Colleges’ Sexual Misconduct Policy should report the incident promptly to any of the following designated members of the community with whom he or she feels comfortable:

Deans of the Colleges, Campus Safety, Director of Human Resources (who is the Employee Sexual Grievance Officer), Associate Dean of Students (who is the Student Sexual Grievance Officer), or his/her supervisor.

In the event these individuals receive complaints or concerns, they will report those complaints or concerns to the Colleges’ Director of Human Resources (Employee Sexual Grievance Officer) or the Associate Dean of Students (Student Sexual Grievance Officer). If the Complainant’s grievance is against one or more of these individuals, the Director of Human Resources (Employee Sexual Grievance Officer) or the Associate Dean of Students (Student Sexual Grievance Officer), the complaint will be filed with the President of the Colleges. The President will then forward the complaint to the most senior faculty member on the Sexual Grievance Board or the Deputy Sexual Grievance Officer.

All complaints and incident reports will be handled as swiftly as possible given the nature of the complaint and will be treated as confidentially as possible depending upon the nature of the complaint.

It may also be helpful to seek counseling and support on or off campus:

  • HWS Center for Counseling and Student Wellness (315-781-3388): free, confidential counseling services for students. A “counselor on call” is available 24 hours/7 days whenever school is in session; you can access the counselor by contacting your Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator or by calling the campus dispatcher at 315-781-3656. If you contact the campus dispatcher, you only need to provide your first name and telephone number, and ask the dispatcher to have the counselor call you back.
  • Safe Harbors (24 hours/7 days crisis hotline 800-247-7273, or 315-781-1093 during office hours): free, confidential crisis counseling; support groups; support during medical exams; advocacy and guidance in reporting the crime to the police and in navigating the judicial process.


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