Sexual Violence and Relationship Violence

What is Dating and Domestic Violence?

Dating and Domestic Violence involves a range of behaviors which can include:

Physical and Sexual Violence; using coercion and threats; using intimidation; using emotional abuse, using isolation; minimizing, denying and blaming; using male privilege; and using economic abuse. These forms of abuse often do not occur in isolation from each other, but can occur simultaneously.

Behaviors that can be defined as abusive include (but are not limited to):

  • making and/or carrying out threats to do something to hurt the other person;
  • threatening to leave the relationship or commit suicide;
  • making a person afraid by using looks, actions, gestures;
  • smashing things;
  • destroying property;
  • using “put downs” or name calling;
  • playing mind games;
  • humiliating a person;
  • controlling what a person does, who the person sees and talks to;
  • using jealousy to justify actions;
  • making light of the abuse;
  • saying the abuse didn't happen;
  • shifting responsibility for abusive behavior;
  • preventing a person from getting or keeping a job;
  • restricts access to money;
  • takes money.

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