Consent and Healthy Relationships

The Healthy Relationship Checklist

In any healthy relationship, the other person will:

  • listen to you and take your feelings and ideas seriously
  • talk openly and honestly with you about what matters to them
  • never use threats of harm, violence or suicide to get his/her own way
  • never hit, punch, kick, bite, slap, push or otherwise strike out in anger or jealousy
  • not try to control what you do, where you go or who you talk to
  • respect you, and say good things to you and about you
  • enjoy spending time with you, and show it whether alone with you or in a group
  • trust you, and earn your trust by keeping your confidences
  • allow you to enjoy the activities and people that matter to you
  • accept your limits about sexual activity, every time

In every relationship, you have a RIGHT express your opinions and have them respected have your needs be as important as the other person's needs grow as an individual in your own way not have to take responsibility for someone else's behavior not be physically, emotionally, or sexually abused break up and fall out of love with someone and not be threatened or hurt.

(Adapted from: Intermedia Inc. Dating Violence: The Hidden Secret Student Handout Copyright Taylor/Zitner)


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