Sexual Violence and Relationship Violence

Sexual Assault Support and Report Resources

If you have been sexually assaulted, contact a counselor at the Center for Counseling and Student Wellness who can provide you with resources and options about decisions that are right for you: (315) 781-3388 or after hours through Campus Emergency at (315) 781-3333.

If you would rather seek support and advocacy off campus you can call the local rape crisis and relationship violence support center: Safe Harbors, Inc., (800) 247-7273

It’s never too late to ask for support and consider reporting options.

In general, Sexual Assault is an ‘umbrella’ term that covers several forms of sexual violence, including rape. In New York State, the term "sexual assault" includes the following acts that are perpetrated against a victim "without his or her consent,” including:

  • Sexual Intercourse: penetration of the penis into the vagina; and/or,
  • Criminal Sexual Act (Oral or Anal Sexual Conduct): does not require any penetration and occurs upon contact between penis and mouth, penis and anus (rectum), mouth and anus, or mouth and vaginal area; and/or,
  • Sexual Contact: any touching of the sexual or intimate parts of the body whether over or under clothing; and/or
  • Forcible Touching: the intentional and forcible touching of another (includes squeezing, grabbing, or pinching); and/or
  • Aggravated Sexual Contact: insertion of a foreign object (e.g. coke bottle, broom handle) into the vagina, urethra, penis or rectum.

A sexual assault can be perpetrated by anyone: a friend, a family member or a stranger.

Sexual Assault Information

Find a safe environment anywhere away from the attacker. Think about asking a trusted friend to stay with you for moral support.

Know that what happened was NOT your fault. Recovery happens in different ways for different people. Following an assault you should do what feels right for you.

Seeking medical attention can be hugely beneficial and can give you the most options for pregnancy and std prevention. A doctor can also treat injuries that you may or may not be aware of. Consider contacting a close friend or asking someone from the Rape Crisis Center to accompany you.

You can collect evidence PRIOR to deciding if you want to press charges. Strongly consider securing your medical consultation from a specially trained Sexual Assault Forensic Examination nurse. SAFE nurses provide free medical care for victims of sexual assault and have the expertise to collect forensic evidence of the assault for possible prosecution of the assailant. The gathering of this evidence does not commit you to pursuing legal action against the assailant, but does preserve your options. While not showering or changing your clothes may be difficult following a sexual assault, it will allow for the most evidence possible to be collected.

Sexual Assault is a violation of the law AND Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ policy. You can choose to hold a perpetrator accountable in both systems or in only one system. To report an assault to the Geneva Police call (315) 789-1111. To report an assault to the HWS Sexual Grievance Officer call Dean Streeter at (315) 781-3900. For concerns about inappropriate behavior by a campus employee call Human Resources at (315-781-3313).

Helping a Friend: Experiencing a sexual assault, stalking and/or dating violence can be traumatic. Survivors of these various forms of violence may feel angry, empty, scared, alone, misunderstood, confused, and/or isolated from support. While you cannot “fix” what happened, you can provide a place for your friend to vent their emotions, validate their feelings, and encourage them to talk with someone at the Counseling Center.

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Campus Resources

  • Hubbs Health Center (315-781-3600) free, confidential medical consultations for students
  • Campus Safety (315-781-3333) call to access campus security officers, ambulance, local police and emergency services
  • William Smith Dean’s Office (315-781-3467) support and advocacy through campus judicial process; help in arranging for leaves or academic support; or to find out what you can do to be a leader against acquaintance rape on campus
  • Hobart Dean’s Office (315-781-3300) support and advocacy through campus judicial process; help in arranging for leaves or academic support; or to find out what you can do to be a leader against acquaintance rape on campus
  • HWS Office of Residential Education (315-781-3880) support and coordination of other services, available 24 hrs/ 7 days when school is in session. You can also contact your Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator
  • HWS Center for Counseling and Student Wellness (315-781-3388) free confidential counseling for students. A “crisis manager on call” is available 24 hours/ 7 days when school is in session (315-781-3333). You can also meet with Maria Saavedra Finger, the Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator to receive support and learn more about resources


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