Once a disability has been documented, the documents will be reviewed to determine the need for appropriate services and accommodations that are necessary and effective, and which do not compromise the academic standards of The Colleges.  Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis considering the limitations caused by the disability in relationship to the academic demands and responsibilities of residential education at HWS Colleges. Common academic accommodations may include: extended time allowed for examinations, computer access for examinations, distraction-reduced testing locations, additional time for written assignments, classroom note-takers, books on tape, sign language interpreters, etc. Housing and dietary accommodations may also be made when supported by appropriate documentation.

Each semester students must formally request accommodations by meeting with the Specialist for Services for Students with Disabilities to determine appropriate accommodations for the semester. At that point, each student will be provided an accommodation letter to present to those professors from whom the student seeks accommodations. The student is expected to discuss with each professor the details about how accommodations will be handled for each course. The student will then ask the professor to sign the letter, and when all signatures are obtained, the letter will be returned to CTL. No accommodations will be provided until the signed letter is returned.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges does not provide or pay for testing for learning disabilities, specialized LD tutors, academic coaching, or ongoing support with organizational and life tasks.  Disability Services will assist students to identify these resources in the community to the extent that they are available. 

Additional documentation may be necessary to substantiate new requests for accommodations and to determine the continuing need of accommodations.

Documentation is not reviewed to assess the need for medical or clinical intervention or remedial educational services.  Clinical consultation to address specific learning problems or remedial assistance is not provided or paid for by The Colleges. 


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