This Policy applies to all HWS community members, including students; faculty; staff; and third parties, such as volunteers, independent contractors, visitors, and any individuals regularly or temporarily employed, studying, living, visiting, conducting business, or having any official capacity at the Colleges (“Third Parties”). This Policy applies to acts of Prohibited Conduct committed by or against students, faculty, staff, or Third Parties when the conduct:

  • occurs on the Colleges’ campus or other property owned or controlled by the Colleges;
  • occurs in the context of an HWS employment or education program or activity, including HWS-sponsored global education, athletic activities, or internship programs;
  • occurs off-campus or outside of an HWS program or activity, but has continuing adverse effects on or creates a hostile environment for HWS community members while on the HWS campus or other property owned or controlled by the Colleges or in an employment or education program or activity of the Colleges; or
  • otherwise has a reasonable connection to the Colleges.

This Policy refers to both reports and complaints. Report is used to indicate the process of giving a verbal or written account of Prohibited Conduct to a responsible employee of the Colleges (e.g., “a student reported or made a report to a faculty member that a sexual assault occurred at an off-campus party Friday night”.) Complaint is used where the Colleges seeks Formal or Informal Resolution under this Policy.

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