Maymester Housing

The Colleges provide housing to students taking Maymester courses - whether your course(s) are virtual or in-person!


All students registered for Maymester housing are assigned to Hirshson Hall.

Room Cost

Residing on-campus during Maymester costs $95 per week.

Meal Plan

All students residing on-campus for Maymester are required to have a meal plan. The meal plan costs $225 per week.

*All costs associated to residing on-campus during Maymester are charged to a student’s HWS account.

Residential Education cannot guarantee a single room for all Maymester participants. We recommend identifying other students taking Maymester courses that you may want to live with.

How to Register

Students interested in on-campus housing for Maymester should log into myHousing and complete the 2021 Maymester Housing Request.


Summer Housing

The Colleges provide housing to students with plans of taking courses, conducting research, or working for the institution throughout the summer.

Is this you? Please contact the faculty or staff member you are conducting research with or working for to ensure they have informed us of your plan!

Planning to work in the Geneva area, or have an off-campus internship? Summer housing is limited, as we share campus with Conferences & Events, but we try to accommodate as many students as possible!

How to Register

Students interested in requesting on-campus housing for the summer months should log into myHousing and complete the Summer Housing Request form.


Students residing on-campus during the summer months will be assigned to various small houses and Odell’s. All students will have access to a kitchen.


Residing on-campus for the summer months costs $95 per week.
*This cost is either paid by the student through their HWS bill, or by the department in which they are associated.


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