Residence Hall Association

Get Involved with Residence Hall Assocation (RHA)!

What is RHA?

  • Designed to give students of HWS Residence Halls a voice for programming and activities in their community. RHA is a fully student run program that decides how money is spent and the type of programming that is done throughout the Residence Halls in their area.
  • Each area has a programming budget of $1,000 per area to do programming for the academic year.

How does it work?

  • RHA functions similar to a student government. There is a student Executive Board that oversees general campus programming in the Residence Halls and then there is an area council. There is a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary in the area councils.
  • RHA is governed by a constitution that can be amended or altered by members of the executive board, but any student involved in RHA can motion for changes.
  • The Senior Resident Assistant of each area advises RHA in the decisions that they make, but at the end of the discussion, it is still the decision of the area council.

How do I get involved?

  • You can be elected into one of the chair positions or you can just maintain an active membership. Elections occur in the fall semester. If you want to be a member, but don’t have time for a position, you can simply attend meetings and events to be considered an active member in RHA.

What does this do for you?

  • Develops leadership and communication skills!
  • Planning and program management.
  • Develop your teamwork, organization, and interpersonal abilities!




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