HWS ORAP Equipment Rental Service

All transactions are done in CASH or CHECK ONLY!!
Checks can be made payable to "HWS"

Rental Item


2-3 Person Tent

$ 4.00

4-5 Person Tent

$ 6.00


$ 2.00

Sleeping Bags

$ 5.00

Sleeping Pads

$ 1.00


$ 5.00


$ 5.00


$ 4.00

Cross Country Skis/Poles

$ 6.00

Cross Country Boots

$ 2.00

Snow Shoes

$ 4.00

ORAP rentals are computed on a pro-rated basis. The base rate is charged for the first 48 hours of a rental. Below is the rental fee system used after the first 48 hours:

For Rentals Lasting

Multiple Base Rate By

1-2 Days


3-6 Days


7-10 Days


11-14 Days


15-20 Days


21-30 Days


Each Additional Single Day


Each Additional Week


Refunds:  There will be no refunds given for any reason after equipment has been checked out to HWS students, faculty, or staff.

Cleaning Fees:  Cleaning charges will be applied to items returned excessively dirty. All returned items are assessed by the ORAP officers, core group, or the club advisor.

Damage Fees:  Charges will be applied for items that are returned with damaged conditions.  All fees are subject to final assessment by ORAP officers and club advisor.  Equipment lost, destroyed or damaged to the point it is deemed unusable, the patron will be charged the full retail value cost for replacement of the item.

Late Returns:  Late fees are charged at the daily rental rate for each day overdue.  HWS students, faculty, or staff will be responsible for the cost of the full retail value to replace the item unless returned and fees paid.  A hold may be applied to student's account after equipment is seven days overdue.

More Info

Location: Upper Level of The Barn

Email: ORAP@hws.edu

Program Adviser: Judy Wentzel, Assistant Director of Recreation, Intramurals, & Fitness


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