Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Emergency Actions

Three basic things you need to understand and/or may be instructed to do during an emergency or through an emergency notification are:

  • Evacuate
  • Shelter in Place
  • Lockdown

Depending on the type of emergency and where you happen to be when the emergency occurs, you may need to take one or more of these actions. These three actions are defined as follows:


Evacuate means to exit a building using the nearest available exit, reporting to the buildings pre-determined meeting area and following further instructions from colleges officials or campus safety.

Emergencies such as an indoor hazardous material spill or release, fire, natural gas leak, or bomb threat will trigger an evacuate command.


Sheltering in place means to remain indoors or to seek immediate shelter indoors and remain there during an emergency. Sheltering in place includes closing exterior doors and windows and possibly moving to a more protected interior area of a building depending on the nature of the emergency, and then remaining there until the “all clear” confirmation has been given.

Emergencies such as a hazardous material release or a severe weather occurrence will trigger a shelter-in place command.


A “lockdown” is a temporary sheltering technique utilized to limit human exposure to an apparent life-threatening, hostile or hazardous situation or threat. When a lockdown is declared by the colleges officials or campus safety, occupants of any building within the impacted area are to remain in their respective spaces locking, or if unable to lock, barricading doors, closing and locking windows, drawing shades, covering classroom or office door windows, silencing cell phones, remaining quiet, and not allowing entry or exit to a secured area until the “all clear” confirmation has been given.

Emergencies such as an armed intruder on campus or an active shooter on campus (an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people with a firearm in a confined populated area) will trigger a lockdown command.

“All Clear” confirmation messages will also be sent through the Everbridge Mass Notification System.

Emergency Resources

Do not hesitate to contact Campus Safety if you need assistance.

  • Emergency assistance (on campus dial ext. 3333, cell phone on campus dial (315) 781-3333, off campus dial 911).
  • For non-emergency assistance dial (315) 781-3000.

Bleeding Control Kits Locations

Assembly Points for Building Evacuations

Emergency Management Team

The HWS Emergency Management Team is directed by leadership from the Office of Campus Safety and the Office of Campus Life in coordination with core groups from across campus, including information technology, operations, facilities and communications. The team also includes an incident response group and a policy group. The team regularly participates in trainings and drills.

Emergency Action Button


In the event it becomes necessary to notify the HWS community of an imminent emergency on campus, notification will be sent using the Everbridge Mass Notification System. Brief and immediate instructions will be given through the Everbridge system when we use it. All other non-imminent communication will be disseminated through the HWS e-mail system and via the Colleges' Twitter account.

To ensure that Everbridge has the correct contact information for emergency notification, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to update their PeopleSoft accounts.


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