Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)



  • Do not handle or touch the object.
  • Clear the area.
  • Immediately call Campus Safety (ext. 3333) or (315) 781-3333.


  • Any person receiving a phone call bomb threat should ask the caller:
    • When is the bomb going to explode?
    • Where is the bomb located?
    • What kind of bomb is it?
    • What does it look like?
    • Why did you place the bomb?
  • Keep talking to the caller as long as possible and record the following:
    • Time of call.
    • Approximate age and sex of caller.
    • Speech pattern, accent, possible nationality, etc.
    • Emotional state of the caller.
    • Background noise.
    • Caller ID (if displayed on your phone).
    • If the threat is recorded on your voicemail, do not delete the message.
    • If the threat is received via any version of social media, do not delete the message.
    • Notify your immediate supervisor or the nearest HWS authority.
  • If possible, have someone contact Campus Safety while you are on the phone with the caller. Otherwise, immediately notify Campus Safety (ext. 3333) or (315) 781-3333 to report the incident.


Campus Safety will contact the appropriate authorized personnel to conduct a detailed bomb search. Employees may be requested to make a cursory inspection of their area for suspicious objects and to report the location to Campus Safety. Again, do not touch any suspicious objects! Do not open drawers or cabinets or turn lights off.

  • If the bomb threat endangers you and other building occupants, or if you are instructed to do so, evacuate the space by walking quickly to the nearest marked exit.


During building evacuations, assist special needs individuals in exiting the building and proceed to the building’s evacuation meeting point. This location is listed on the evacuation floor plans posted near each building exit.

  • Remember that elevators are reserved for handicapped and special needs persons during evacuations.
  • Remain calm and do not panic.
  • If the emergency is impacting your building’s evacuation meeting point, or if you are instructed to do so by college authorities or first responders, proceed to the alternate primary or secondary assembly area and await further directions from officials.

Note: The exact locations of the alternate or secondary sites may differ based upon the nature of the emergency. You will be instructed where these are located by officials during the evacuation process.

IMPORTANT—DO NOT RETURN TO AN EVACUATED BUILDING until and unless told to do so by authorized HWS officials.

Emergency Resources

Do not hesitate to contact Campus Safety if you need assistance.

  • Emergency assistance (on campus dial ext. 3333, cell phone on campus dial (315) 781-3333, off campus dial 911).
  • For non-emergency assistance dial (315) 781-3000.

Bleeding Control Kits Locations

Assembly Points for Building Evacuations

Emergency Management Team

The HWS Emergency Management Team is directed by leadership from the Office of Campus Safety and the Office of Campus Life in coordination with core groups from across campus, including information technology, operations, facilities and communications. The team also includes an incident response group and a policy group. The team regularly participates in trainings and drills.

Emergency Action Button


In the event it becomes necessary to notify the HWS community of an imminent emergency on campus, notification will be sent using the Everbridge Mass Notification System. Brief and immediate instructions will be given through the Everbridge system when we use it. All other non-imminent communication will be disseminated through the HWS e-mail system and via the Colleges' Twitter account.

To ensure that Everbridge has the correct contact information for emergency notification, faculty, staff and students are encouraged to update their PeopleSoft accounts.


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