Your Orientation Leaders will guide you through your first days on campus. If you have any questions during Orientation Weekend, don't hesitate to approach these campus leaders.


Emily Desmery '12 Emily Desmery is a junior at HWS. She is also a member of the William Smith Varsity Rowing team. She plans on majoring in Media and Society and Studio Art with minors in Aesthetics and Arts and Education. She hopes that she can turn those majors into a career in graphic design or advertising. She is also getting her Teaching Certification in Art.


Raphael Durand '13 Hi, my name is Raphael Durand. I'm from Menlo Park, Calif. I'm a sophomore at HWS, and I have been part of the HWS Leads program and Geneva Heroes. I also play club soccer, hockey, and baseball and am a member of the Learn 2 Lead club. HWS has been a place where I have been able to become integrated into the community right away based on my interests. In my free time I enjoy coaching, and playing many sports.


Jarrid Fish '12 My father always told me, "uncertainty is your compass towards growth." I never realized what that statement meant, until I came to college. While in college, I came across many opportunities that helped me feel uncertain. This feeling was an indicator that there were chances of growth inside me. When applying to college, you are taking a chance of acceptance. Hobart and William Smith Colleges allowed me to expand my compass to explore feelings of options. While here, I allowed myself to leave my comfort zone by getting involved with Student Government, Hobart Soccer Club, The Kappa Alpha Society, Campus Greens, Days of Service, and much, much more. I now tell my father, I live for moments of feeling uncertainty and believe uncertainties are joys of life.


Brian Horn '12 I am a junior from Fairport, N.Y. I am currently a political science major and American studies minor. I am involved in the Hobart Student Government, College Democrats, and First Book Geneva. I also am an avid skier, enjoy watching movies, and actively follow politics. I also will be living in the Hobart Honors and Leadership House this year. This school has given so many great opportunities, and I have met so many great people, and I hope it will do the same for you. I look forward to seeing you on campus.


Christie Jardine '11 I'm Christie Jardine, William Smith Class of 2011. I'm Biology major as well as a Pre-Modern European Studies and Chemistry minor with a focus on Pre-Dental. I love being abroad! I studied in Denmark in the fall of 2009, and spent four of my five past summers working at a school in Switzerland. On campus, I am currently working at the Cellar Pub!


Denise Polanco '12 My name is Denise Polanco. I am a current junior and am currently a part of The Late Night Crew. I am also a board member of the Latin American Organization. I grew up in New York City so coming to HWS was a wonderful change of atmosphere. I am currently working towards a major in Psychology and have completed a minor in Peer Education and Human Relations. I enjoy learning about social justice issues and somehow tying them into my increasing psychology knowledge. I am aspiring to be a high school guidance counselor because I believe high school is one of the main places where students need that extra push and encouragement to reach their goals and I would like to be there to be part of it and help many students succeed as I was helped when I was in high school.


Taylor Raufus '11 My name is Taylor Raufus. I am Biology major and a double minor in German and Child Advocacy. I currently work in both Residential Education and Admissions, and I wish the incoming class the best of luck.


A.J. VanHeyst '11 Everyone has called me A.J. for as long as I can remember. I am a senior honor student with a public policy major and a pre-law focus. For the past two years I have resided as Vice President of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and currently live in the fraternity house. I have a great time playing for the Hobart Rugby Team and working in the Dean's Office during the school year.


Joanna Vinick '11 Hi! My name is Joanna "JoJo" Vinick, and I am a senior at HWS! I transferred to HWS last fall, and I have had an incredible experience. I am the President of Campus Activities Board and a member of Women's Collective, and I am also involved in numerous other clubs on campus. I don't like long walks on the beach because I don't like sand. I enjoy dancing to "Faith" by George Michael.


Bernadette Wormuth '12 I am double majoring in English and Psychology and have enjoyed every aspect of my college life. Leadership and volunteer work are two essential components of my life. I am a determined individual that strives to better my community. When I was an incoming first year, I felt Orientation weekend was once of the best experiences I had because I met so many amazing people that I know call my friends. This program makes the transition from high school to college inviting and exhilarating. I'm thrilled to meet all of you this August! Get ready for the best four years of your life.



For more information about the Orientation Leaders or the Orientation program, contact Kate Coley '11 and Chris Bramwell '11 at orientation@hws.edu or (315) 781-3041.


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