What is Math 888 / Chem 888?

Math 888 and Chem 888 are not courses. They let the Registrar and your adviser know that you took and passed either the mathematics or chemistry test and are eligible for an upper-level math or science course.

How do I get transfer credits for AP or college courses?

Transfer credits are decided on a case-by-case basis with your First-Year Dean. If you took a college course or received a 4 or 5 on an AP exam, contact Dean Kelly Payne at (315) 781-3467 or Dean Joe Mink at (315) 781-3300.

How will I get textbooks? Should I rent or buy them?

More information about textbooks will be available on the College Store website in August. Visit the textbook homepage to learn more about the College Store policies for buying, renting and returning textbooks.

When will I get to meet with my academic adviser?

Your academic adviser is, typically, your First-Year Seminar professor. He or she will e-mail you at the end of July. Additionally, you’ll meet face-to-face during Orientation Weekend and have an opportunity to talk about the upcoming semester and resolve any concerns about your course schedule.

Can I change my classes?

The Deans will place you in three courses (your FSEM + an two additional courses), but you will register for your fourth course during Orientation in August. It is not possible to change your First-Year Seminar, but it may be possible (though difficult) to change your second and third course.


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If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please contact the appropriate Deans Office: Dean Kelly Payne at (315) 781-3467 or Dean Joe Mink at (315) 781-3300.



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