To a large degree, the progress you make in counseling will depend on your active and genuine involvement. Here are some things you can do to enhance your experience in counseling:

  • Attend all of your scheduled counseling sessions, or let your counselor know if you have to miss.
  • Honestly and openly voice your thoughts and feelings in counseling.
  • Between sessions, think through the concerns you are addressing in counseling.
  • Complete your counseling homework assignments.
  • Experiment with new and positive ways of doing things and thinking about things.
  • Give your counselor feedback about how counseling is going.
  • Make use of the Counseling Center emergency counseling services when necessary.

Check out our Student Services Brochure for more information.

Community Therapy & Evaluations

We have compiled a list of psychotherapists in the community who have expressed an interest in working with HWS students. In addition to consulting with your health insurance provider if appropriate, you may find this list helpful if you are seeking area services, including long-term individual therapy.

Click here to see the list of local psychotherapists. (pdf)

We have also put together a list of area providers of psychoeducational evaluation to assist students who may have concerns about development, learning, memory, academics, behavior or related mental health not recently assessed in full. Such assessment, when done properly, will also consider a student's current problems and history, along with cultural differences and possible impairments in speech/language, hearing, vision and motor development. Thorough psychoeducational evaluation is invaluable in identifying specific ways to help individual students succeed.

Click here to see the list of area psychoeducational evaluation providers. (pdf)



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