Educational Programming and Workshops

CCSW Psychologists are equipped with expertise and knowledge in a wide variety of wellness topic areas.  If you are interested in requesting a program just click on the link below to review topic options and submit a request form.  

The process of requesting program request includes providing CCSW staff sufficient advanced notice for preparation prior to the date of the requested presentation, choosing specified topic areas of interest, and completing a consultation with CCSW Outreach Coordinator to finalize request information prior to the program being conducted.

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National Mental Health Screenings

National Mental Health Screenings are a common tradition in the college counseling center community.  CCSW provides Depression, Eating Disorder, and Anxiety Awareness Screening Days throughout each academic year.  On these screening days CCSW Psychologist provide in-person screenings for students in locations such as the Scandling Center to provide free confidential screenings and feedback toward the prevention and early detection of common mental health struggles.

Explore the national website (http://www.mentalhealthscreening.org/) for more information and look out for CCSW advertisements for national mental health screening days on the HWS campus throughout the academic year.

Safe Zone

Stay tuned for more information. Please e-mail Dr. Brian Mistler at mistler@hws.edu if you're interested in getting involved.


Relaxation and Self-care Exercise

Relaxation exercises are easy to learn and implement and can be remarkably effective in addressing stress, test anxiety, all kinds of phobias and other similar concerns. Click here to listen online.


HWS Gatekeepers Training

The HWS Gatekeepers training program provides faculty, staff, and student leaders with skills to respond effectively to students in distress and to make appropriate referrals. Through frank dialogue, this training aims to prepare campus personnel for the challenging and anxiety-provoking situations of encountering students in crisis. 

Training program at a glance:

  • Two hour, interactive training program designed for college personnel
  • Review of facts regarding college student suicide and crisis experiences
  • Discussion of suicide and crisis warning signs
  • Instruction on how to ask students if they are thinking about suicide
  • Skills for referring students to mental health professionals
  • Review of effective communication and relationship-building skills
  • Discussion of emotions experienced by students in crisis and responding gatekeepers
  • Participation in four experiential exercises
  • Participation in a guided group role play
  • Training provided by HWS Psychologists

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We provide consultation services to HWS students, faculty, Staff, parents, and the community. Please contact us for consultation services.

Links to Campus Resources

Hobart and William Smith offer a variety of resources to help students make the most of college—If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out some of these other student services available through student life: http://www.hws.edu/studentlife/index.aspx.



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