Community Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team (C.A.R.E)

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are dedicated to providing resources to students to help with their success. The CARE Team is a multidisciplinary panel from key offices across the Colleges’ community who meet on a regular basis to review and evaluate concerns referred to them by members of the community regarding individuals who may be experiencing social, mental or physical health, academic or other problems. The CARE Team connects those individuals with campus support and resources they may need and evaluates potential danger to the campus community in order to prevent harm to campus community members.

The CARE Team collaborates with the goal of making all students, faculty, and staff aware of campus and community resources for academic, social, mental and physical health needs. The team works to connect individuals who come to their attention to these resources. The CARE Team provides a forum in which information gathered from multiple sources is reviewed in order to produce a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s level of concern and potential risk to self or others, and to prevent campus crises whenever possible. The process begins with concerns shared by faculty, students, staff persons, or others, with any member of the team, and is overseen by the Associate Dean of Students who manages follow up of cases.

C.A.R.E. Team Members

Students of concern may be referred by any member of the campus community to the CARE Team:

1) Referral to Office of Student Affairs (315-781-3900)

2) Submitting an online report

3) If you are familiar or are working with a CARE Team member, you may consult directly with that individual

**Please note that the CARE Team is not available for immediate crises. If you are working with a student or are a student experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact the Center for Counseling & Student Wellness during the business day or Campus Safety at any time by dialing 315-781-3333.

More Info


  • Behaved in an aggressive or out of control way?
  • Become isolated or started spending a lot of time alone?
  • Started drinking more or using drugs to deal with their feelings?
  • Talked about killing themselves or hurting someone else?


  • Uncomfortable or uneasy?
  • Afraid for the person?
  • Scared to approach the person?
  • Worried things may get worse?


  • If you need an immediate 24/7 response call Campus Safety at 315-781-3333
  • Walk-In during business hours to the Hobart Deans Office, William Smith Deans Office, Student Affairs, Residential Education, Counseling Center, or Campus Safety.


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