Academy Overview

The academy’s unique two-track design provides learning opportunities for prospective, new and more seasoned supervisors of all levels, to include first-line and mid-level managers.

First Time Supervisors Track

Officers who are new to supervision or are prospective supervisors within their agencies will be provided skills essential to Campus Safety leadership. The training provides resources and information that cover the fundamentals of leadership and supervising others. Participants will also explore ethical issues, institutional governance and relevant theoretical perspectives.

Experienced Supervisors Track

The academy is also intended for the more seasoned supervisor with three or more years of full time responsibilities, mid-level campus safety managers, or those who have attended the First Time Supervisors Track. This track is for professionals seeking a more in-depth exploration into specific areas of supervision, leadership and relevant topics that managers need to fully understand, comprehend, and analyze in order to assess the implications on their department and institution. Topical offerings change to accommodate current events and trends in the campus safety profession. Past topics have included: risk management, employment law, FERPA, CLERY, and recent legislative and case law reviews.

First time attendees are encouraged to enroll in both tracks while previous academy participants, or those considered mid-level managers in their agencies (Lieutenant or above), may enroll in only the Experienced Supervisors Track. However, prior attendance in the First Time Supervisors Track is strongly recommended for those midlevel managers desiring to attend the Experienced Supervisors Track.

In addition to the topics presented in each track, the academy opens with an evening of networking, dinner in the Saga Common Room, and a key-note speaker. Day one of the Experienced Supervisors Track includes a round-table moderated dinner discussion, focusing on current issues in campus safety as suggested by the attendees.


Academy Overview

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