The Hobart and William Smith Student Trustee position elections are in full swing. Student Trustees are elected in their sophomore year by their peers and serve as student representatives on the Board of Trustees. As seniors, Student Trustees gain full voting rights.

William Smith Candidates


Samari Brown '25

Hi, everyone! I'm Samari Brown, a sophomore at the Colleges, majoring in English and Theatre. I'm currently the Vice President of William Smith Congress, Co-Leader of HWS Votes, and an O'Laughlin Ambassador for the Admissions Office. In addition, I am a part of Three Miles Lost, Theta Phi Alpha, and the Laurel Honor Society. These positions have provided me with the experience of interacting with HWS faculty/staff, administrators, and students and have strengthened my decision-making, communication, and leadership skills. With my campus involvement being across multiple areas and interests, I offer a diverse perspective to the Board of Trustees and the opportunity to voice student concerns and opinions as accurately as possible. In this position, I aim to provoke meaningful and productive conversation among students, advocate for student issues, and keep the best interest of both the students and colleges in mind. Most importantly, I am deeply committed to representing the student body in such a way that sustains our mission of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.


July Winters '24

Have you ever felt like your concerns aren't reaching the right ears? Do you wish you knew more about "admin" and what they do? Have you felt your complaints are overlooked because you're in the minority opinion? You are the students I want to serve. I see you, I hear you, and I want to voice YOUR choice.

As student trustee my primary objective is to see to it that your needs and concerns are brought directly to those who can best fulfill them. I do not want to forget all that came to light as the Colleges responded to the pandemic. Transparency and open communication matter just as much now as it did when we were creating new protocols. As part of my responsibilities, I commit to increasing the accessibility of student trustees by hosting student forums and using my platform to call for peer engagement.

The four years we spend at HWS should be a time of growth and joy, not anxiety and confusion. I want to see us build an equitable community where all of us can thrive. In my time at the Colleges, I have held multiple leadership positions on campus. I've served on the Campus Activities Board (CAB), been President of HWS Debate, Coordinated Accessibility Design for HWS Theatre, worked as a TA for Architectural Studies. Now, I work as a Community Assistant (CA) and O'laughlin Ambassador. I am confident in my abilities, and with your support I will continue to advocate for our student body. Remember, what matters to you matters to me! Vote July Winters for student trustee.

Hobart Candidates


Jackson Mischler '24

Hi, my name is Jackson Mischler, and I am excited to run for the position of Student Trustee. I am a current sophomore, majoring in Philosophy and triple minoring in Environmental Studies, Political Science, and the Writing Colleague program. Outside of academic work, I hold several leadership positions on campus, including Vice-President of Hobart Student Government, CA, O'Laughlin Ambassador, and Writing Colleague.

As someone with a parent in Higher Education Administration, I grew up with dinner table discussions about fundraising campaigns, campus issues, and the activities of campus administrators and Boards of Trustees. I have since developed a deep passion for student advocacy in educational settings. Throughout high school I served as a student council representative, rising to the rank of Student Body vice president, and even became president of a county wide inter-student governmental forum. My dedication to public service has only grown since my arrival at HWS, where I have served both as a voting member of HSG, and now Vice-President. In my role as HSG Vice-President I help set meeting agendas and run every meeting, facilitating discussion about key issues, such as housing changes, DEI concerns, and the approval of new clubs and funding proposals.

While I am grateful for the opportunity to use my position as HSG Vice-President to address campus concerns, and proud of all that we have accomplished, there is still much to do. Moreover, I believe some necessary changes are out of the purview of HSG and WSC. I hope to use the Student Trustee position to amplify student voices and accelerate progress in the areas of Housing, Sustainability, DEI, and Dining.


Jesse Whelan-Small '24

Hello, my name is Jesse Whelan-Small, and I want to be your Student Trustee. I come from Maplewood, NJ, a suburb of New York City. I am the Hobart 2024 Class President, the Student Coordinator of the FLX College Leader Program, a Community Assistant, and a volunteer for Big Brother Big Sister. I am running for Student Trustee because I am passionate about improving HWS, not just for my remaining two years, but for all the years to come.

Since I arrived on campus, I have had the privilege of meeting people with diverse backgrounds, and whose interests on campus, whether it be clubs, sports, or academics, are different from my own. As Student Trustee, I would continue to build on those connections with the student body. I would use that web of relationships to bring unique and diverse perspectives to the Board of Trustees, representing the wide range of voices on campus. One idea I have would be to hold monthly open meetings where students can come raise their concerns to the Student Trustees. I want to make HWS a place where all students can have an equitable and fulfilling experience.

I have been fortunate to talk with former Student Trustees and members of Boards of Trustees at HWS and other institutions. Through those conversations, I have gained an understanding of what makes a good Student Trustee. This is someone who understands not just the present needs and issues facing the school, but also proactively works to make the future better. HWS students have a myriad of ideas and perspectives. As your Student Trustee, you can rely upon me to bring those voices and sentiments to the Board. If chosen for this role, I promise to work hard to improve HWS for all students.


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