The Hobart and William Smith Student Trustee position elections are in full swing with candidates utilizing social media and current Student Trustees hosting a Q&A session to meet candidates via Zoom. Student Trustees are elected in their sophomore year by their peers and serve as student representatives on the Board of Trustees. As seniors, Student Trustees gain full voting rights.

Current sophomore candidates are following the below timeline.

Election Timeline

  • April 20, Ballot sent via email to student body, open for 24hrs
  • April 21, Results announced via email
  • April 22, Run-Off Ballot, if needed

After securing more than 100 virtual signatures during petitioning, the candidates for each respective College are as follows:

William Smith


Caroline Martocci

My name is Caroline Martocci. I am from Bayville, N.Y. on Long Island. I am a double major in Economics and International Relations, with a minor in Media and Society. On campus, I am a member of the Hobart and William Smith sailing team, an O’Laughlin Admissions Ambassador, and part of the Finance Society. I chose to go to Hobart and William Smith because of the amazing community and opportunities it offers for students. Our student community and academic environment are unmatched in their support and inclusivity. It is at HWS both on and off-campus, that we are encouraged to strive for our greatest goals. I am running for student trustee because I want to advocate for all students, so they can feel supported in achieving their goals during their time here on campus and beyond. Since deciding to go to HWS, I knew I wanted to run for student trustee. I want to help make this school an even more amazing place for us to spend our college years. In times of joy and hardship, I want to help foster an HWS community with the strength and unity to endure even the unprecedented times of today, because although we may not all be on campus together, our HWS family spanning wide and far, is still the same. I want to listen to the wants and needs of students to be a voice for you and your biggest advocate as we navigate our college experience together.


Charlotte Peterson

Hello! My name is Charlotte Peterson and I am a sophomore William Smith student from Stamford, Connecticut double majoring in Political Science and History. On campus, I am an O’Laughlin Ambassador in Admissions, a Writing Colleague, a part of the A Cappella group Three Miles Lost, a member of the Sophomore Dean’s Advisory Council, a PLEN participant, and a member of Laurel Society. My favorite things about being an HWS student include personal connections with faculty and staff, coffee breaks at ABP, and sunny days at the docks. I am running for Student Trustee because I am dedicated to uplifting the voices of HWS students and making the student experience at the Colleges the most productive and rewarding that it can be. I am passionate about ensuring that the experiences of underrepresented groups in our community are recognized and heard, creating a more inclusive HWS campus for all students. At a time when connecting with one another seems more important than ever, I look forward to when we can all gather on campus again. I hope all members of our community and their families are staying safe and healthy.


Carolyn Rose

Hi, I'm Carolyn Rose and I am from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Currently, I am a sophomore at William Smith and hope to represent my college as a Student Trustee. I am an Economics major with a minor in Sociology. At school, I am also a Centennial Scholar and am currently working on my certificate in the HWS Leads program. I was a part of the William Smith lacrosse team for a year and a half and have also helped out at soccer games as a ballgirl for the Herons. Currently, I work at the RFK weight room at the front desk. I hope to go abroad to the Netherlands in the Fall of 2020, but whatever happens I am excited for the opportunity to represent William Smith College and make an impact on the HWS community!

Nuzhat Wahid


My name is Nuzhat Wahid and I am an International Relations and Religious Studies major at the colleges. While a first-year, I came to understand that there was severe room for improvement at HWS in regards to its lack of student equity, diversity, representation, communication, and transparency. In order to create school-wide change, I ran for William Smith Congress Vice President. During my term I was able to launch and implement the Free Menstrual Hygiene Product Initiative, which provides free pads and tampons throughout campus. I now operate RED, the realizing equitable decisions committee, which now distributes our products across campus. While Vice-President, I also held and facilitated IC office hours, in which I worked to collect, address, and resolve concerns that students, including myself, had encountered on our campus. After my term as Vice-President I worked within my role as a member of President Jacobsen's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, and in doing so, helped facilitate diversity trainings and act as a student representative that brought to the table student concerns. DEI focuses on matters of school wide-accessibility, academically, professionally, and physically. I also hold a position as the secretary of SASA, the South Asian Student Association. My work as secretary has allowed me to facilitate conversations regarding diversity, genocide, and code switching. Furthermore, I have gained event-planning abilities, which will come in hand, if I were to be elected as trustee. My platform involves tackling the lack of student equity at HWS by focusing on ways to bring forward opinions from all students. I want to bring forward the concerns of marginalized groups on campus through holding intensive caucuses on possible HWS improvements, then work with administration to implement them. I also intend on instituting an official canvassing route in which we will collect the opinions of students in person and without bias, allowing for a majority of student opinions to be represented. This will serve as a way to improve both student apathy and lack of engagement and as an alternative to campus-wide forms that are never answered. I am also aiming to improve the food scarcity situation on campus by re-working our food options, looking through the Sodexo contract, facilitating correspondence between the food pantry and SAGA, and working with Sodexo. The mental health of our student body is another priority, especially as we come back from months in quarantine, I hope to work with the counseling center to set up programs that will assist in taking care of the needs of our students. I have been working towards making HWS more equitable since the day I stepped foot on campus, and I plan to continue pursuing that goal regardless of what position I occupy. The position of Student Trustee will allow me to pursue this goal as I will make definitive choices for our student body with our student body. I will give voice to your issues, demands, and thoughts to help create an HWS for all. That is my goal-an HWS for all.

Hobart Candidates


Robert Russell

As the current president of Hobart Student Government, HWS for Bernie, and the HWS Food Drive, I know what it takes to be a leader. In each of these positions I have had to organize with numerous organizations, facilitate conversations amongst large swaths of people, and plan events. These leadership positions have allowed me to strengthen my communicative, listening, motivational, and organizational skills. Through these positions, I have been a part of efforts to enfranchise the student body in student government by expanding the voting system, raise hundreds of dollars for the Geneva Center of Concern and register students to vote. I have dedicated my time at HWS to helping those around me, and I want to continue doing that as your student trustee. If elected to the position of Trustee, I would immediately get to work on the following: 1) Increase transparency/visibility between faculty/administration and the student body. 2) Help to finally bring the IC house its deserved funding. 3) Facilitate regular conversations between trustees and the students. 4) Work to help fix our future contract expiration with Sodexo. 5) Bring back Quad-Olympics. While these five items are important, there are plenty of issues that I would love to work on directly with students during my tenure. If elected, I will give my whole heart to the position as I have to my other leadership roles on campus. Thank you for your time, and I hope that I can earn your vote.


Gib Shea

In my time at HWS, I have had the privilege of working several roles. Currently, I am the Hobart Class of 2022 President, a member of the Orange Key Honors Society, and have spent the past academic year interning in the Office of the President. In the past, I have also tutored for America Reads, worked for the Sports Medicine Department, and sat on the Deans Council. Outside of HWS, I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT. I tell you these things as a sentiment of my commitment to HWS, and to show you all my ability to work in stressful circumstances; something that is required from the Student Trustees. I am a firm believer in continuity of community, where individuals conjoin in an effort to create betterment within their society. Our culture at HWS is the embodiment of this ideal, and the Student Trustee is the chief servant of implementing this within the student and faculty body on a daily basis. There is a lot of work to be done, and I’d like to lead the way.


Mark Synnott

I believe that I am fit for the Student Trustee position for many reasons. Primarily, my background at the Colleges is across many disciplines and I bring a broad perspective to the table. My ability to lead effectively, and lead by listening to my peers allows me to effectively represent the interests of the student body to the Board of Trustees. My leadership background is strong, and my ability to work as a member is the best you will find on this ballot. You will see that I am kind, fair, and accepting to everyone and anyone I meet, and I love meeting as many new people at HWS as I can. I will always act to represent the decisions I believe best affect the students, and I will fight tirelessly to make our short experience here at HWS the best it can possibly be.

I am a current sophomore at the Colleges, who grew up in Wellesley, Massachusetts, a small town in the greater Boston area, and attended high school at the Buckingham Browne and Nichols school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. An only child of two immigrants, I hold three citizenships: Ireland, Canada, and the United States and am fluent in French.

A Trustee Scholar, I am majoring in Economics focusing on developing my interest in Private Equity and alternative investments, while minoring in French and Francophone Studies to pursue my passion for French language and culture. I am a defenseman on the Hobart lacrosse team and have contributed in all but three games throughout my Statesmen athletic career. As a member of the team, I have gained valuable leadership skills and applied a set of skills toward achieving common goals with my coaches and teammates. I have also learned time management skills while following a regimented schedule on a daily basis to provide balance between athletics and academics, while establishing strong relationships to create and maintain positive culture on the team and across the Colleges.

In 2019 I was selected to the Northeast Conference Academic Honor Roll, and in the 2019-2020 school year I was chosen by my peers and coaching staff to represent the team on the Hobart Student Athlete Advisory Council, an organization that works as a liaison between Hobart student-athletes and the College. In the fall of 2019, I was also asked to assist the freshman seminar program as a Freshman Seminar Teaching Mentor, and in spring 2020 joined the HWS Finance Society as a selected member.

In the past, I have worked as an intern for a Boston based hedge fund and strategic investment group, and have functioned as the assistant manager and as lifeguard at the largest public pool in New England, and have coached and acted as an administrator of youth lacrosse tournaments across New England. I am also passionate about fishing, my dog Bandit, and saying hello to five new people a day on campus! All I am asking is that you will give me that chance to represent you!!!


Office of Student Activities
Scandling Center
300 Pulteney Street
Geneva, NY 14456

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