Kappa Alpha

Kappa Alpha


Kappa Alpha Society
CH Chapter
600 South Main
Founded nationally 1825
Founded at Hobart 1844

As the oldest Greek-lettered collegiate fraternity, the Kappa Alpha Society was the precursor for the modern Greek system. The New York Beta Chapter at Hobart, or the CH Chapter, is the oldest remaining branch of the Society, making it a treasured part of Kappa Alpha's history. The members are involved in a variety of activities. On campus, the chapter participates in several sports, clubs and events, such as the crew team and Chorale. Its members hold and participate in community functions, as well, to fulfill their desire and dedication to service and community involvement. Kappa Alpha's brotherhood is a different experience from other fraternities and adds variety to Hobart's fraternal system.

Kappa Alpha board members include:

  • President: Connor May
  • House Manage (VP1): Daniel Klementowski (Fall '15) Victor Wortman (Spring '16)
  • Social Host (VP2): John Slattery
  • Secretary: Benjamin Carr
  • Treasurer: Liam Brooks
  • Adviser: Colby Ristow

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