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With our spring ‘08 issue, Seneca Review inaugurated an interview series with essayists on the subject of the essay form and on the essays of theirs that we’re running. Interviews won’t appear in the mag, however; you can find them online at the SR website along with the essay that’s occasioned it.

Our aim is to create an archive of ideas about the essay and the working aesthetics and practice of writers we’re publishing, writers who are exploring the reaches of the essay form. We’d like, as well, to create an environment for discussion.

David Weiss
John D’Agata


Spring 2011, Volume 41, No. 2

An Interview with Noah Eli Gordon - Melissa McCrae

  • On Fame, Affliction, Nomenclature, and Theft (An excerpt from Dysgraphia) - Noah Eli Gordon
  • Fall 2010, Volume 40, No. 2

    An Interview with Amy Benson by Jessica Wilson

  • "Water Shelter Food and Form" - Amy Benson
  • An Interview with Christine Hume by Blake Bronson-Bartlet

  • "Ventifacts" - Christine Hume
  • Spring 2009: Volume 39, No. 1

    An Interview with Dan Beachy-Quick by Geoffrey Hilsabeck

  • "The Laurel Crown" by Dan Beachy-Quick
  • An Interview with Timothy Irish Watt by Jessica Wilson

  • "Borne Along" by Timothy Irish Watt
  • Fall 2008: Volume 38, No. 2

    An Interview with Aaron Kunin by Tom Fleischmann

  • "Awkward without w" by Aaron Kunin
  • An Interview with Stephen Kuusisto by Ryan Van Meter

  • "A Valediction of Mourning" by Stephen Kuusisto
  • An Interview with Brian Christian by Tom Fleischmann

  • "Our Lot" by Brian Christian
  • Spring 2008: Volume 38, No. 1

    An Interview with Thalia Field by Ashley Butler, Tom Fleischmann, April Freeley and Riley Hanick

  • Apparatus for the Inscription of a Falling Body” by Thalia Field



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