Temporary Policy Regarding Transfer Courses Completed via Remote Learning Platforms

Approved by CoAA on March 12, 2020; renewed October 26, 2020 Expires on August 15, 2021 [unless renewed at that time by CoAA]

Students taking remote learning classes (including classes offered online) are typically not accepted for transfer to Hobart and William Smith Colleges. However, in light of the current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, CoAA has approved the following temporary policy to support students who, for various relevant reasons, have taken a course via a remote learning platform. Such courses can be approved as transfer credit as long as they meet the requirements listed below and are approved by the relevant HWS staff and faculty.

All courses that are current HWS courses moving to a remote learning platform, or courses that began as HWS-approved abroad courses but have moved to a remote learning platform do not need further approval to count for HWS credit.

  • Students should seek approval from their respective Dean of the College, and, as appropriate, the student's adviser, and the Chair of the student's department, program or Individual Majors Committee
  • Only courses passed with a grade of C- (1.7) or better are accepted for transfer credit.
    • When transfer credit is awarded, course credits may be transferred but grades for those classes are never entered on an HWS transcript and they are not used in the calculation of a student's GPA.
    • Grades of transferred courses, therefore, have no impact on the student's GPA at the Colleges
  • An official academic transcript is required from the transfer institution and must be sent directly to the HWS Registrar’s office.
  • Courses must be taken at a regionally accredited college or university
  • Courses must be considered by the relevant Dean of the College to be appropriate substitutes for HWS courses and curriculum expectations
  • Only courses of three or more credit hours (or the equivalent) are eligible for transfer credit
  • Students may transfer in a maximum of five full credit courses in a given semester
  • CoAA strongly encourages first time remote learning students to complete an online orientation/training before they begin their courses, if possible


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