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    • How to login to PeopleSoft

      • This video shows you how to login to PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft is a portal where you are able to look at the classes being offered this semester, add them to your personal shopping cart, and enroll in classes.
    • How to add classes to your Shopping Cart

      • This video shows you how to add classes to your Shopping Cart. Adding classes to your shopping cart does not mean you have enrolled in these classes. The shopping cart is a place for you to plan and save the classes you are interested in taking next semester.
    • How to Enroll

      • This video shows you how to enroll in your classes. On the day of your enrollment appointment, you may enroll in your classes at 7 a.m. You may also swap classes during the time of your enrollment appointment. All students have a second opportunity to enroll in classes during open enrollment. If you need assistance, please visit the registrar.
    • How to Swap Classes

      • This video shows you how to swap out of a class: meaning you can switch out of a class you are enrolled in, to a class you are not currently enrolled in. Swapping classes is the most effective way to switch out of a class, and in to another class. This process ensures that you have a seat in 4 credit classes next semester.
    • How to Drop a class

      • This video will show you how to drop out of a class. Also refer to the Swap feature, if you are interested in switching out of a class you are currently enrolled in, and switching in to another class. The Swap feature is a safer way to change your schedule, because it ensures you are still enrolled in 4 credit classes.
  • Student PeopleSoft Tutorials

Online Registration

To properly register for classes, please review the information found on the links below. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 315-781-3651 with any registration related questions. We recommend that you ALWAYS review your enrollment in your student center prior to the start of classes and again prior to the end of add/drop week. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for all courses for which you are enrolled from that point on, and those courses are reflected on your permanent academic transcript so accuracy is important.

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