Final grades are due 96 hours after each final examination. Any delay will result in students not receiving grades on a timely basis which can adversely affect their ability to register for the next semester. Timely grade reporting is necessary as it affects the academic review process conducted by the Committee on Standards at the end of each semester. Please adhere to the established deadline for grade submission.

Final Grades are due by 11:59 PM Tuesday evening, December 14th.

Online Grade Reporting

Online grading is available to faculty beginning December 7, 2021

  1. Go to the Registrar's webpage.
  2. Click on "HWS PeopleSoft Website."
  3. At the login, enter your user ID and password (which is the same as your HWS Network ID and password).
  4. At the Enterprise Menu, click on "Campus Solutions."
  5. Click on "Self Service" option to view available web services.
  6. Click on "Faculty Center" and then "My Schedule" to view your current schedule. (Be sure you are viewing the current term. Change the term if necessary.)
  7. Select the class to grade and click on "Grade Roster" icon Registration icon
  8. Grade Roster Type should be "Final Grade." Approval Status needs to be "Not Reviewed" to enter grades. Enter grades in Roster Grade column. (Use drop down to select grade). The Registrar's Office will run a process every hour to post any grade saved on a grade roster, whether or not the roster is in approved status. When completing the grade input process for all students in the class be sure to change the Approval Status to "Approved" to enter the remaining grades in the class.
  9. IMPORTANT NOTE ON INCOMPLETE GRADES: When a faculty member includes an “I” grade on the grade roster they will also be required to submit “current” letter grade for the course, calculated including all incomplete work for the course, along with comments indicating what work is incomplete. The student’s transcript will show an “I” for the course until either they complete the remaining work or until the deadline for incompletes passes. Once the completed work has been graded by the faculty member a final grade will be indicated on the transcript. If the deadline passes without an updated grade, the transcript will reflect the “current” letter grade submitted at the time of the incomplete. The lapse grade entered at the time of the Incomplete will become the student’s final grade if outstanding work is not completed by the lapse grade date entered on the grading roster.
  10. If issuing grades of I, D, D-, D+, DCR, F or NC, you must indicate a reason for the grade before such grades can be saved and before the grades can be submitted in PeopleSoft. The system will not allow you to submit a grade roster if any of the grades on the roster are I, D, D-, D+, DCR, F or NC and DO NOT have a reason indicated. Follow the system prompts to input this information. To enter a note/reason, click on "Transcript Note" (2nd tab at the top of the list), then click "Note" in the last column to provide a reason. Enter the text in the designated area. (You are limited to 254 characters. Add any additional notes/reasons by adding new rows using the + sign.) Every time you enter a note, be sure to SAVE FREQUENTLY. See attached instructions for further detail on this process. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE BACK ARROW KEY ON YOUR BROWSER when navigating from the “Transcript Note” tab. This will cause the grades to disappear and not be saved. ALWAYS USE THE “RETURN TO SEARCH” option when navigating from the Transcript Note tab. Continue until all students have a grade. Note: It is possible to enter a partial list of grades (which you must save in order to retain your efforts.)
  11. If you need to change a grade, use the change grade feature or contact the Registrar's Office. Once grades are posted they appear in the Official Grade column and students can view grades in self service via the PeopleSoft Student Center.
  12. Once grades are posted, a "Request Grade Change" button appears. This will allow you to change an official grade. Select the new grade in Official Grade column and click "Submit" at bottom of page. Success appears next to the new grade.
  13. Click "Cancel" at bottom of page and return to the Grade Roster. (The original grade and the new grade will display).
  14. If you have additional classes to grade, click the "Return" button at the bottom left of the page and repeat steps 7-12.

IMPORTANT! Email Amy Homhouane ( with Independent Study titles AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Exam Schedule and Timeline For Grade Submission

Exam Date

Grades Due

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 exams

Grades due 11:59PM Saturday, December 11, 2021

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Grades due 11:59PM Sunday, December 12, 2021

Thursday, December 9, 2021 exams

Grades due 11:59PM Monday, December 13, 2021

Friday, December 10, 2021 exams

Grades due 11:59PM Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Final deadline -
ALL GRADES DUE 11:59PM on Tuesday, December 14, 2021

General Notes Regarding Final Examinations
Faculty may substitute a take-home exam for an in-class final; however, take-home exams should be due no earlier than the exam period scheduled for the course.


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