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The links below open PDF versions of the Goals 3 - 8 Certification Petition Forms needed by students as they pursue their academic programs. These documents can be opened and read online or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader (tm). If your browser does not automatically load Acrobat when you link to these documents, click here for more information about PDF files and instructions on installing Acrobat Reader from the Web.

Students should note that the PDF versions of the Declaration of Major Worksheets and Declaration of Minor Worksheets can now be found on the Choosing a Major and/or Minor for that particular major or minor.

Students should also note that copies of these forms which can be completed and edited with MSWord are available through the Colleges' network. The MSWord versions allow one to complete the form and print it out or to store a completed copy of the form in your network directory (M:). Monitors in the Colleges' computer labs in Gulick Hall or the Library are familiar with the use of these forms and can assist you.

Goal Certification Petition Forms

Before graduation, your advisor must certify that you have addressed HWS curricular goals 3 through 8 (goals 1 and 2 are addressed by any major or minor). The forms below explain each goal and ask you to explain how your course work addresses the goal. These forms are submitted to your advisor for approval.


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