Consistent with federal regulations (CFR 45 part 46), if you plan to conduct a research project involving living human subjects on the Hobart and William Smith campus, or are a Hobart and William Smith faculty, staff, or student member involved in such a project elsewhere, then you will need approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) before you proceed. In addition to obtaining approval from the IRB, external (non-HWS) researchers also need to obtain approval from the Vice President for Student Affairs to do research on Hobart and William Smith students, or from the Provost to do research on Hobart and William Smith faculty or staff.

Many research projects pose little or no risk and may be exempt from full IRB review, but must be reported to the IRB and certified as exempt by the Board. All other research will be formally reviewed by the IRB, although the review of course-based student research follows a different procedure from full reviews of individual research. Researchers should consult the materials under Policies and Procedures on the right to determine the appropriate steps for receiving IRB approval.

The application form, along with any consent forms, questionnaires and other relevant documents, should be mailed (both electronically and in signed hard copy) to Kelly Switzer in Provost's Office, at least two weeks before the next scheduled IRB meeting. Please consult the meeting schedule below for the precise dates.

Results of the IRB's deliberations will be communicated to the applicant within a week following the meeting. Questions regarding IRB procedures can be directed to the IRB Chair or the IRB Coordinator.

Please note that the IRB's definition of 'original research' might be more broadly construed than in some disciplines and may include data collection for administrative purposes, for example. You can access a glossary of IRB related terms at right.


Spring 2017

The meeting dates are below:

January 25
February 8
February 22
March 8
March 22
April 5
April 19
May 3


David Craig, Chemistry, IRB Chair
DeWayne Lucas, Provost’s Office, IRB Coordinator
David Finkelstein, Geoscience
Emily Fisher, Psychology
Ervin Kosta, Sociology
Amy Hickey, Family Counseling Center
Audrey Roberson, Education
Michael Siembor, Counseling Center
Jim Sutton, Sociology
Roberta Truscello, Sponsored Programs



All forms, along with relevant documents, should be mailed (and emailed) to Kelly Switzer in the Provost’s Office for dissemination to the IRB.

  • Form A: Application to Conduct Research with Human Subjects (Word)
  • Form A-Continuation: Application for Continued Research with Human Subjects (Word)
  • Form B: Application for Exemption from IRB Review for Research with Human Subjects (Word)
  • Form C: Application to Conduct Course-Based Student Research with Human Subjects (Word)
  • Form C-Continuation: Application for Continued Course-Based Research with Human Subjects
  • Form D: Application for Exemption from IRB Review for Course-Based Research with Human Subjects



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