Faculty Accomplishments 2017

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Ashdown, B. K., Gibbons, J. L., de Baessa, Y., & Brown, C. M.  Online First 2017. Using adolescents’ drawings to reveal stereotypes about ethnic groups in Guatemala. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.

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Cosentino, B.J., J.D. Moore, N.E. Karraker, M. Ouellet, and J.P. Gibbs. 2017.  Evolutionary response to global change: climate and land use interact to shape color polymorphism in a woodland salamanderEcology and Evolution 7: 5426-5434. 

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Marsh, D.M., B.J. Cosentino, K.S. Jones, J.J. Apodaca, K.H. Beard, et al. 2017. “Effects of roads and land use on frog distributions across spatial scales in the eastern and central United States.” Diversity and Distributions 23: 158-170.

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Crow, Matthew.  "A Wrinkle in Maycomb County: Law, Equity, and Conscience in Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman," Cumberland Law Review 47:1 (Jan. 2017), pp. 37-44.

students in lab

Crow, Matthew.  Review, Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter S. Onuf, "Most Blessed of the Patriarchs": Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination (Liveright, 2016), Reviews in American History, 45:2 (June 2017), pp. 224-228.

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Dean, Jodi. "Not Him, Us (and we aren't populists)." Theory & Event 20.1 (2017): 38-44.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. “The Party and the Communist Horizon,” Red October and the Communist Horizon, ed. Vijay Prashad (New Delhi: Leftword Books).

Dean, Jodi. "The Psychotic Discourse of 9/11 Truth." Rhetoric in Neoliberalism. Springer International Publishing, 2017. 157-187.

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Dobkowski, Michael.  Spring 2017.  Review of Elie Wiesel: Jewish, Literary, and Moral Perspectives edited by Steven T. Katz and Alan Rosen, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 30, no. 1.

Dobkowski, Michael.  Spring 2017.  Review of State Food Crimes by Rhoda E. Howard-Hassman.  Genocide Studies International, 11, no. 1.

Jamie Bodenlos

Fischman, BJ, Pitts-Singer, TL, and Robinson, GE. 2017. “Nutritional Regulation of Phenotypic Plasticity in a Solitary Bee (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae).” Environmental Entomology, nvx119. 

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students working

von Boetticher, A., A. H. Triaud, D. Queloz, S. Gill, M. Lendl, L. Delrez, D. R. Anderson, A. C. Cameron, F. Faedi, M. Gillon, Hebb, L, et al. 2017. The eblm project-iii. a saturn-size low-mass star at the hydrogen-burning limit. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 604:L6.

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Hood, Clifton. March 2017. Review of The Cycling City:  Bicycles and Urban America in the 1890s by Evan Friss. Journal of American History 103:  1053-1054.

Hood, Clifton March 14. 2017. “The Gilded Age Lives on in Manhattan’s Mansions: New York's Historic Dream Homes Reflect Changing Tastes and Economic Shifts.” Zócalo Public Square.

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Krummel, John WM. 2017. “Philosophy and Japanese Philosophy in the World,” European Journal of Japanese Philosophy, vol. 2.

Brien Ashdown

Hennig, Thomas and Darrin Magee. 2017. “Comment on ‘An index-based framework for assessing patterns and trends in river fragmentation and flow regulation by global dams at multiple scales.’” Environmental Research Letters.

Manthripragada, Ashwin. 2017. “Stefan Zweig's Fear of Postcolonialism.” Transit, 11(1): 1-19.

Monson, Renee. 2017.  “Groups That Work: Student Achievement in Group Research Projects and Effects on Individual Learning.” Teaching Sociology 45(3): 240-251.

Monson, Renee 2017. “Starring Roles: High-achieving Students’ Experiences in Collaborative Groups.” International Social Science Review 93(1): Article 2.

Friginal, E., Lee, J. J., Polat, B., & Roberson, A. 2017. Exploring Spoken English Learner Language Using Corpora. Learner Talk: Springer.

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Rodriguez, Jason. 2017. “‘Cleaning up’ Bodhgaya: Conflicts over Development and the Worlding of Buddhism.” City & Society, 29(1):59-81.

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Hanley Preserve

Vining, K.J., S.R. Johnson, A. Ahkami, I. Lange, A.N. Parrish, S.C. Trapp, R.B. Croteau, S.C.K. Straub, I. Pandelova, and B.M. Lange. 2017. “Draft genome sequence of Mentha longifolia and development of resources for mint cultivar improvement.” Molecular Plant 10(2): 323-339.

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Temple C., M. Martinez, and J. Yokota. 2017, in press. Children's Books in Children’s Hands, 6th Edition. New York: Pearson.

Temple C. 2017, in press. “Of Seal Skins and Cow Tail Switches: Storytelling and Critical Thinking.” Storytelling, Self, and Society.

Zhou, J., 2017. China’s Path to Achieve World-Class Education. ASIANetwork Exchange: A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts. 24(2), pp.27–55.



Cosentino, Brad. 2017.  “Effects of global change on trait variation in a woodland salamander.” Invited talk at Utica College.   

Dean, Jodi. 2017. “Communicative Capitalism and Projected Time,” Symposium: Media Revolutions, Aesthetics of the Virtual, Hamburg.

Scott Brophy

Dean, Jodi. 2017. “Communicative Capitalism and the Subject of Politics,” Symposium Collège International de Philosophie, Paris.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. “Communist Power,” C17: Rome Conference on Communism, Rome.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. “Crowds and Party: Movements, Organizing, and Fighting Back,” Oscar Jaszi Memorial Lecture, Oberlin College.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. “The Force of Many,” Reclaim Democracy Conference, Basel, Switzerland.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. “From Allies to Comrades,” efflux, New York, NY.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. Keynote: “The Actuality of Revolution,” Wars of Position: Marxism and Civil Society, Manchester.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. Keynote: “Critique or Collectivity?” Digital Objects/Digital Subjects, University of Westminster, London.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. “Selfie Communism,” fear and Loathing of the Online Self, Roma Tre University, Rome.

Frost-Arnold, Karen. 2017.  Invited talk at the Eastern American Philosophical Association.

Frost-Arnold, Karen. 2017.  Invited talk at the Pacific Philosophical Association. 

Frost-Arnold, Karen. 2017.  Invited talk at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Hood, Clifton. 2017. Invited talk about the history of subways and about writing at P.S. 343, the Peck Slip School. 

Houseworth, Christina. 2017.  Invited participant in the Contemporary Economic Policy (CEP) sessions “Public Policy and Inequality: Creating Opportunities for All” at Western Economic Association International’s (WEAI) 13th International Conference, Santiago, Chile. 

Krummel, John. 2017. “Kenotic Chorology as A/theology in Nishida and Beyond,” Day 2 of the John Krummel Colloquium (invited event), Rissho University, Tokyo, Japan.

Krummel, John, 2017.  Book review session of my book, Nishida Kitaro's Chiasmatic Chorology: Place of Dialectic, Dialectic of Place (Indiana University Press, 2015), Day 1 of the John Krummel Colloquium (invited event), Rissho University, Tokyo, Japan.

Monson, Renee. 2017.  Keynote speaker, Le Moyne College Honor Societies Induction Ceremony.

Leah Shafer

Rusinko, Joe. 2017.  “From Quartet Trees to Neighbor Joining.”  Invited presentation at the Workshop on Algebraic and Combinatorial Phylogenetics, Barcelona, Spain. 

Straub, Shannon. 2017.  “Skimming the cream of the milkweed genome for phylogenomics.”Invited presentation at EvoDay 2017 at Cornell University. 

Straub, Shannon. 2017.  “Phylogenomics of Apocynaceae: From Tools to Trees.” Invited presentation at XIX International Botanical Congress, Shenzhen, China. 

Temple, Charlie and Firas Elfarr. 2017. Invited presentation on the Reading-Tanzania Project, Kongwa District. Comparative and International Education Society World Conference, Atlanta.

Temple, Charlie. 2017.  Invited Workshop in Sierra Leone for the Association of Language and Literacy Educators of Sierra Leone for the Reading-Sierra Leone Project and CODE-Canada.

Temple, Charlie. 2017.  Invited Workshop in Sierra Leone for the Ministry of Education and Science of Sierra Leone, World Bank Global Partnership for Education, CODE/Canada.

Temple, Charlie. 2017.  Invited Workshop in Sierra Leone for PEN-Sierra Leone and CODE-Canada.

Temple, Charlie. 2017.  Invited Workshop in Tajikistan for the Ministry of Education and USAID. 



Dean, Jodi. 2017. Distinguished Writer in Residence, Birkbeck College of Law, London.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. Faculty, Banff Research in Culture, Banff.

Dean, Jodi. 2017. Faculty, Saas-Fe Summer Institute of Art, Berlin.

Frost-Arnold, Karen. 2017.  Visiting Scholar at the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Krummel, John. John Krummel Colloquium, Rissho University, Tokyo, Japan.

Straub, Shannon. 2017.  Excellent Scholar Award from the International Botanical Congress organizing committee.


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