Dear HWS Colleagues,

As a reminder and to inform new supervisors and employees, one of the goals of the HWS 2015 Strategic Plan is to foster a high performing and engaged workforce made up of people who possess a passion for their work and the mission of the Colleges. As part of our HWS 2015 efforts, the Colleges have committed to implementing programs and processes that heighten engagement and provide all employees with tools to help them manage their careers at the Colleges. The first initiative that was undertaken was a comprehensive review of staff salaries. The Staff Salary Program was implemented in July 2013, and it aims to provide all employees with clarity on their individual compensation. The second initiative was to move forward on the implementation of a Performance Management Program that would provide tools and practices to set individual objectives and evaluate performance in relation to the priorities, goals and values of the Colleges on an annual basis.

There are four Core Capabilities by which HWS wishes to consistently distinguish itself within the higher education liberal arts sector. For each capability there are Performance Competencies listed, serving as the standards against which all HWS staff will be evaluated. Each Performance Competency has a summary description that helps further define the behavioral expectations for each. As part of the annual review process, all staff employees will be evaluated against these Core Capabilities.

Until the new Associate Vice President for Human Resources (AVPHR) arrives on campus, this year's Performance Management Program will be conducted as last year. Please see the links below for the Core Capabilities information and the Performance Appraisal Form which can be completed online (.pdf). After the AVPHR has settled in her new role, we may be following up with supervisors to review the Performance Management Program and discuss any revisions to procedures and forms for completing annual reviews. 


Peggy Ferran
Associate Director of Human Resources

To review the 4 Core Capabilities, please click here.

To access the Performance Appraisal Form, please click here.

  • Remember you need to save this form on your N: drive first before completing.



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