Student Information

Employment Eligibility

Required Paperwork

Students who have not previously worked on campus must complete the following new hire paperwork PRIOR to beginning work.

Prior to beginning work, complete and bring to the Office of Human Resources:

  • Bring Documents from Form I-9 Acceptable Document List - You must bring an original document from List A OR an original document from List B AND List C. A valid Passport would be an example from List A, your student ID or driver's license would be examples from List B and an original birth certificate or Social Security Card would be examples from List C.
    PLEASE NOTE: HR must inspect original documents in person and cannot accept photo copies, scanned images, etc.
  • W-4 - Employees Federal Tax Withholdings Certificate
  • IT-2104 - Employees State Tax Withholdings Certificate
  • PFL Waiver - Employee opt out and waiver of NYS Paid Family Leave Benefits
  • Foreign National Information Form - Employees foreign national information
    PLEASE NOTE: only required for international students

To be complete at the Office of Human Resources:

  • Form I-9 - HR will verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States.
  • Labor Law Form - Wage Theft Prevention Act wage statement

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