Student Information

Getting Paid

Most student employees enroll in the direct deposit so that they have access to their paycheck as soon as possible. Direct deposit allows students to receive their pay quicker and easier throughout their student employment. For more information on Direct Deposit, click here. For those not enrolled in Direct Deposit hard copy paychecks are distributed to campus mailboxes during the academic year, and mailed to the student's home address during academic breaks and summer. Students must contact Payroll directly if they want their paychecks sent to a different address.

Student Time Reporting
As a student employee you will be required to submit your hours worked to your supervisor on a biweekly basis. As a student employee you are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year. Please note that students are paid two weeks in arrears. For example, a student who works between the dates of 8/26/17 - 9/8/17 will submit their time on 9/11/17 and receive their paycheck for those dates on 9/22/17. Students who begin working in the middle of a pay period should plan accordingly and be mindful of the student pay schedule. For more information on when time should be reported, pay dates, etc., please refer to the Student Pay Schedule. For instructions on entering and submitting your time online, click here.

Direct Deposit
As soon as you're hired, be sure to sign up for HWS's Direct Deposit service! Direct Deposit assures that your paycheck goes into a bank account of your choice, which allows you ready access to your money. Direct Deposit also prevents the pain and inconvenience of replacing a lost or misplaced check, or having to trudge through a blinding snowstorm on payday to pick up your check!

To sign up for Direct Deposit, please print and complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form to submit to Payroll. You will need to provide documentation from your bank (i.e. a voided check) along with the form which shows the bank's transit (routing) number and your account number.

If you have any questions regarding Direct Deposit, please call Payroll at 315-781-3342.


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