Parent Information


How can the Office of Human Resources and Student Employment assist my child?

  • We assist students searching for on-campus employment opportunities during the academic year.
  • We assist students in completing required employment paperwork to confirm their eligibility to work on campus.
  • We are here to support students when they are not sure who to ask or where to go regarding employment and payroll issues.

When can my child start working on campus?
Students can search for and work in a job that they are interested in at any time.

My child was awarded Federal Work Study. Does this mean they are assigned/guaranteed a job?
No. At Hobart and William Smith, students conduct their own job search to identify opportunities that best fit their interests, skills, and class schedules. The Colleges offers a variety of employment options for students. If your child is having difficulty securing a position on campus, they should contact the Office of Human Resources for guidance.

Can money be deducted from a student’s tuition bill in exchange for their work?
No. Students will be paid in the form of a biweekly paycheck or direct deposit.

How will my child receive their W-2 form for taxes?
Students can opt to receive their W-2 electronically through Peoplesoft or they can have it mailed to their home.

I am not comfortable giving my child their social security card, birth certificate or passport. Can they provide a copy of identifying documents to satisfy the I-9 requirements?
No. They must present the original documents. We cannot accept photocopies, faxes, scans or emails.


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