Employers - FAQs

How do students apply for my job opening? How will I receive their application materials?

Students will apply for all campus jobs via Interfolio. The job posting will instruct the student as to what application materials are needed (i.e., cover letter, resume) and they will upload those materials to the Interfolio website.

How do I know who has applied and how do I access their application materials?

If you have used Interfolio for other position searches in the past, you will simply log on to see your posted position and the associated applications. If you are a first time user, you must contact Human Resources to gain access to the site. Any questions on how to use Interfolio should be directed to Human Resources.

I've heard that during the first two weeks of each semester I must hire either a student with work study or an international student, if they apply for my position. Is that true?

HWS is committed to supporting students with financial need. So, yes for the first two weeks of each semester, special consideration and preference should be given to qualified students with a work study award or international student designation. This is only true for the first two weeks of each semester.

I already have a student in mind and do not want the job posted. Do I still need to submit a request?

YES. It is important that Human Resources has a job description for each student job on campus and that we are able to track all student employee positions so, you will still need to submit the request form. If you are interested in continuing a student employee or if you have informally identified a potential student hire then simply indicate that in the job description.

How do I know what the appropriate pay rate is?

Currently, the pay rate for student employees at HWS is $11.10 per hour. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the Office of Human Resources. Please keep in mind that the NY State Minimum Wage will be raised to $12.50 on January 1, 2021 so the spring semester pay rate will increase accordingly.

I don't know our budget information or what account numbers to use! How do I find this information?

Your department chair should have this information or you may want to check with your department administrative support. If not, you will need to contact the Business Office at ext. 3341.

I have found the perfect student for the job! Now what?

Step 1: You need to submit a Student Employment Authorization (SEA) Form to Human Resources. This form is now online and will be submitted electronically to Human Resources. It is imperative that this form is submitted to Human Resources BEFORE the student's first day of work because it allows us to verify that the student is eligible to work on campus and that they have completed the required employment paperwork (the I-9 and tax forms).

You will receive notifications via email from HR, acknowledging receipt of your form and updating you on the status (i.e., approved, denied, etc.) If the student has not yet completed their I-9 and tax forms, you should send them to our office to do so immediately. Once they have completed the required paperwork, we will notify you that they may begin working.

Step 2: You will also need to complete the NY State Wage Notice & Acknowledgement with the student employee. This form is required by NY State. You will need to fill in their pay rate, their overtime rate and have them sign the form. You must also offer them a copy for their records. This can be done with the student on their first day of work. Once complete, please send to the Office of Human Resources via email or through campus mail.

I am simply rehiring a student in the same position as last semester. Do I still have to complete a Student Employment Authorization Form for that student?

This depends on how you completed the previous semester's SEA Form for that student. If you noted on the SEA form that the student was hired for the full academic year, then you do NOT need to complete a new SEA form. However, if you initially hired the student for the previous semester only, then you must submit a new Student Employment Authorization Form for that student. If it is the beginning of a new academic year, you will need to complete a new Student Employment Authorization form, as well. The Student Employment Authorization Form will be the kick-off to Human Resources for loading the student employment information into PeopleSoft.

I submitted the Student Employment Authorization Form but have not yet heard back from Human Resources regarding the student's eligibility to work. Can the student begin working for me?

If you have not yet heard back from HR but want your student to begin working immediately, please contact Jennifer Hughes (jhughes@hws.edu) or call the HR office at ext. 3312 to check on the student's work eligibility. During peak hiring periods (typically the beginning of each semester) there is a high volume of forms to be processed and response time may be slower than usual. However, if you give us a call or email, we can at least check to make sure the student's I-9 and tax forms are done so that you know they are eligible to work.

My student worker has not completed the required I-9 form but they have already begun working for me. They only worked a few days. Can they continue to work?

NO! Federal law requires that their I-9 be completed within three days of their first day of work. The student cannot work again until they have been cleared by Human Resources to do so. We strongly encourage you to be sure your student worker's paperwork is done before their first day of work.

I'm hiring an international student to work in my department. Is there anything special I need to know about hiring international students?

It is VERY important that international students comply with their visa guidelines, including verifying their eligibility to work in the U.S. and completing their I-9 before they begin working. An international student who works without a completed I-9 risks the revocation of their student visa. Also, International students are not able to work off-campus so, under no circumstances should you hire an international student to assist you with personal matters (i.e., babysitting, lawn work, etc.) - even if paying them in cash - as this will also put them in danger of losing their visa status. Please contact the Office of Human Resources if you have any questions about hiring an international student.

How does my student employee submit their time worked?

Students are required to submit their hours worked to their direct supervisor on a biweekly basis. The supervisor will review and approve the submitted time. Paychecks are processed based on the approved time submitted, so students are not able to save up hours over several weeks and submit all at once. Hours worked MUST be submitted on a current basis or the student is at risk for not receiving a paycheck. Click here to view the student pay schedule. Please contact Payroll at ext. 3342 with any questions regarding student time reporting or supervisor approvals.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact Jennifer Hughes, Human Resources Administrator, at ext. 3312 or email jhughes@hws.edu with any questions or concerns related to student employment.

If you have specific payroll questions, you may wish to contact Payroll directly. Their phone # is 315-781-3342. This is also where student timesheets should be submitted. You can address your payroll questions to Sara Day, Payroll Manager & Tax Compliance Manager(day@hws.edu).

If you or your student employee have any questions related to federal work study or any other financial aid matter, please contact the Office of Financial Aid. You can reach them by phone at 315-781-3315 or email a Financial Aid staff member: Hannah Snyder, Assistant Director of Financial Aid (hsnyder@hws.edu) or Beth Nepa, Director of Financial Aid (nepa@hws.edu).

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