The Human Resources' Student Employment website serves as a convenient way for students to find on-campus employment opportunities, while helping faculty and staff find qualified student employees. The students are encouraged by Human Resources to review the website regularly when job searching, so posting your job opening with us is a surefire way to find a student employee fast!

To start the job posting process, you will need to complete and submit a Student Job Description and Request Form. Submitted forms are reviewed and approved by Human Resources. Once approved, the student job will be posted on the Student Employment Job Opportunities page.

Once you have selected a student for your position, you must submit a Student Employment Authorization (SEA) Form to Human Resources before the student's first day of work. This form is now online and will be submitted electronically to Human Resources.

The submission of the SEA Form, in a timely manner, is critical since it will provide notice to Human Resources to reach out to the selected student to complete new hire paperwork such as the I-9, W-4, direct deposit and instructions on how to submit their timesheet electronically via Peoplesoft.


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