Qualifying Life Event Change

Employees generally have one opportunity each year to make changes to benefits during the Colleges' Open Enrollment period. However, an employee who experiences a qualifying life event change may make changes outside of this enrollment period, within 30 days of the event.

Under IRS regulations, there are certain qualified events in family or employment status that permit you to make changes to your benefits. Examples of qualifying life events include marriage, divorce, death, birth/adoption, loss of benefit coverage, or loss of student status. In addition, the IRS allows an employee to drop coverage mid-year if his/her spouse's Open Enrollment includes new coverage options not previously available.

If you experience such a life event and wish to make changes to your benefits, you must notify Human Resources within 30 days of the event in order to make the change. Supporting documentation will be required, and if approved, the change will be effective as of the date of the qualifying change in status. If you do not report this change in status within 30 days of the event, you will not be able to change your coverage again until the next annual Open Enrollment.


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