In all of the following programs, a maximum of four years of undergraduate study or its equivalent will be covered per employee, per spouse or domestic partner, or per dependent (legal dependent as defined by the IRS).

Tuition assistance is applied to tuition costs only. All other costs associated with fees, room and board and subject material are not applicable.

TUITION REMISSION: When a spouse or dependent has been admitted as a full-time student at the Colleges, the full value of tuition may be covered under this program. Single courses by a spouse, domestic partner or a dependent are also covered. Employees who take individual courses at the Colleges may have the full value of tuition covered. The employees, spouses or domestic partners, and dependents who take courses for credit must contact Admissions and complete the admissions process prior to enrollment.

TUITION EXCHANGE: When an eligible dependent child attends an undergraduate institution which is a member of the Tuition Exchange Program, some or all tuition costs at that institution may be covered under this plan. Terms and conditions under this plan may vary depending upon the specific institution and the number of spaces the Colleges have available for exchange. Tuition costs will be offset by any other grants, scholarships or awards received by the student. The employee must contact Hobart and William Smith's Financial Aid Office for tuition exchange application information including the current list of eligible Tuition Exchange schools. (The Tuition Exchange also has a website which provides up to date membership information.) The employee must submit a list of potential exchange schools during the fall term of the child's senior year of high school to reserve a potential tuition exchange scholarship at the desired schools.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING TUITION EXCHANGE: The HWS faculty member must submit a list of potential exchange schools at least one year in advance prior to the academic year that is to be considered to the Financial Aid Office to reserve a potential tuition exchange scholarship at the desired schools. Submission of this list is not a guarantee that an offer of tuition exchange will be extended. Please contact the Office of Human Resources upon your appointment to discuss this plan in detail especially if your dependent is already enrolled in another institution or is a senior in high school.

TUITION GRANT: An eligible dependent child, who attends an undergraduate institution on a full-time basis, may receive a grant for up to 40% of the Hobart and William Smith tuition. This grant will only be applied to tuition charges. This 40% tuition grant also applies to tuition costs associated with other educational program sponsored or approved by the Colleges. Tuition grants will be offset by scholarships, grants or other awards received by the student if the combined total exceeds the tuition costs of the institution attended. In cases where both parents are employees of the Colleges, only one grant will be given per child per academic year. (2008-09 Tuition Grant = $1)

TUITION REIMBURSEMENT: Any employee who takes an undergraduate course or courses for credit through any other accredited institution is eligible for reimbursement of tuition costs. The Colleges will reimburse the tuition costs for any course or courses required to complete a first undergraduate degree. Individual courses that are not required as part of a degree program must be job-related** in order to qualify for reimbursement. In either case, approval is required prior to registration for the courses(s). Other limitations may apply in accordance with section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code. Documentation of successful completion of the course(s) and tuition costs must be provided before payment will be made.

**Job-related - courses that maintain or improve the employee's skills required for one's present position.



This policy only applies to faculty and administrative staff hired before Jan. 1, 1997.

If you are a faculty or administrator hired after Jan. 1, 1997, please click here.



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