Sick leave is to be used by administrative employees who are absent due to personal illness including medical or dental appointments. The use of sick leave must be approved by the employee's supervisor.

For administrative salaried (exempt or non-exempt) employees, the sick leave year at the Colleges becomes effective July 1 and ends June 30 each year. During the first year of employment, sick leave is prorated. Typically, sick time may be taken in half-hour increments and may not be used during an employee's Introductory Period. Sick leave cannot be carried over year to year. Full-time and half-time administrative salaried employees are eligible for the following:

  • Ten (10) days of sick leave per year will be granted to full-time, 12-month, benefits-eligible employees;
  • Eight (8) days will be granted to full-time, 10-month, benefits-eligible employees;
  • Five days (ten half-days) will be granted to half-time, 12-month, benefits-eligible employees, and
  • Four days (dight half-days) will be granted to half-time, 10-month, benefits-eligible employees.

Adminsitrative hourly employees earn sick leave beginning on the first day of employment on each hour worked including holiday, vacation, personal and sick time used up to 40 hours per week at an accrual rate of .047 hour of sick time for each hour paid. Typically, sick leave may not be used during an employees Introductory Period. The maximum accrual limit of sick time is 715 hours. Sick time may be taken in half-hour increments. Administrative hourly employees may also use sick leave in conjunction with New York Stae disability or workers compensation.

Use of Sick Leave

Sick leave may be granted when the employee:

1. Receives medical, dental or optical treatment or examination;

2. Is incapacitated and unable to perform duties by sickness, injuries, or would jeopardize the health of others by his/her presence at work because of exposure to illness;

3. Is required to give care and attendance to a member of his or her immediate family (as defined in the Benefits Handbook) who is sick or injured and in need of medical attention.

If you have been out of work for more than a period of five (5) consecutive work days due to an illness or injury, a physician's statement will be required before permitting you to return to work. Or in cases of personal illness or injury, you may be eligible to apply for New York State disability.

Any unused sick leave is not paid out at the time of termination. Sick leave does not accrue during an unpaid leave of absence.


For more information about sick time, please contact the Office of Human Resources.


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