The Web offers many sites you can use in your financial and retirement planning. Here are a few Web sites suggested by TIAA-CREF:

The official Web site of the Social Security Administration provides reliable information on Social Security. Useful features include: Questions About (answers to basic questions), Online Claims & Services (use an electronic signature to fill out applications for benefits), and Benefits Calculators (lets you use your personal data to prepare estimates).

The official government site provides authoritative information on Medicare. Useful features include: FAQs, Medicare Plan Choices (describes retiree health insurance options, including those that combine Medicare with private "Medigap" insurance), and the Medicare Eligibility Tool (answer their questions about your coverage, then it provides links to relevant information)..

This site focuses on housing and lifestyle choices for retirees. It contains information about retirement communities, state property and sales taxes, and relocating in retirement. Useful features include: Retirement Communities and Senior Housing (this page contains logos of featured retirement communities), Taxes by State (this page compares income, sales, and property taxes retirees might encounter in each state, and notes tax exemption granted to seniors), and State Aging Agencies (this page provides links to state agencies that provide services, education and consultation to promote optimal independence and the rights of older citizens).





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