Faculty Members and Administrative Employees

Faculty members and Administrative employees who are called to serve as jurors will have their regular pay continued during the period of service. If at any time a per diem is offered (usually after 30 days) by the court system to the juror for his/her service, then the per diem should be waived. A copy of the initial summons and evidence of the dates of service must be provided to the supervisor and the Office of Human Resources. Faculty members and administrative employees are asked to try to defer jury service to times which will not conflict with the academic year.

Hourly, Staff Employees

The Colleges agree that, when an employee covered by the Agreement is required to serve as a juror, it will pay the regular straight time pay, based on the regularly schedule hours of work, for the first three days of jury duty. Thereafter, the employee will be paid the difference between the jury or court pay and their regular straight time pay provided the employee has notified their supervisor and submitted proof of service and payment to the Office of Human Resources.


For more information about jury duty, please contact the Office of Human Resources.


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