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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charge to live on campus in the summer?
The weekly charge is $95.64 per person. Total payment is due upon registering on-line.

Could I update the reservation if my dates change?

Could I receive a refund if my dates change for a lesser amount of time?
Yes, a refund will be negotiated by contacting the Conferences and Events Office at 315-781-3103.

Could you tell me about my residence?
The residence is either apartment style, townhouse style or small house residence based on availability.

Is my residence air-conditioned?
The residences are not air-conditioned, however if you would like air-conditioning then you must follow the steps below:

  • Purchase your own AC unit. The unit must be UL listed, as a fire safety precaution. Units without UL listed are not be installed.
  • Buildings and Grounds Department are to install the units. Please do not install the unit yourself.
  • To set up installation of the unit, please contact Buildings and Ground directly by calling (315) 781-3660 or e-mailing facilities@hws.edu.

Buildings and Grounds Summer Hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Where do I pick up my summer housing key upon arrival to campus?
You will pick up your summer housing key at the Conferences and Events Office, 300 Pulteney Street, Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please reach out a week prior to arrival to let us know your anticipated arrival time.

Where do I drop off my summer housing key upon departure from campus?
Please drop off your summer housing key at the Conferences and Events Office, 300 Pulteney Street, Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Afte rhours and on weekends the key drop off is located at the Campus Safety Office, 311 Pulteney Street.

Is a parking permit required?
A parking permit is not required in the summer, but we do suggest a temporary campus parking permit, which you can obtain at the Campus Safety Office, 311 Pulteney Street. There is no fee for the parking permit.

Are there laundry facilities located in my facility?
Yes. A card is required to pay for the laundry facilities.

How do I go about accessing a laundry card?
Click here to obtain laundry card.

Where do I place my trash and recycling?
Trash and recycling totes are located in the parking lots outside your residence. To prevent unwanted critters, please do not leave trash/recycling in the common spaces of the buildings or outside your immediate grounds.

What size is the bed?
The bed is an extra-long (80”) twin bed.

Is there a microwave?

How do I call in a maintenance work order?
Please contact Buildings and Grounds directly by calling (315) 781-3660 or e-mailing facilities@hws.edu. Buildings and Grounds Hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Afterhours or on weekends, please contact Campus Safety Office at 315-781-3656.

How should the residence look upon departure?
Please leave residence the way you found it when you arrived. Please remove all trash and debris from the residence and place in the trash/recycling totes near your residence. Refrigerator, cupboards, dresser drawers should be clear. Kitchen, bedroom and bathroom surface cleaned. Floors swept.

Will the Colleges employees enter my residence?
The Colleges may, at reasonable times, enter the premises to deal with potential health, sanitation, or safety concerns; if it believes emergency conditions may exist or a threat to the health and safety of individuals exists; to examine or make repairs or alterations; and to show the premises to possible buyers, lenders, or students.

Does Hobart and William Smith Colleges have an emergency notification system?
Yes. Below is an overview of the emergency notification system.

In the event it becomes necessary to notify the college community of an imminent emergency on campus, notification will be sent using the Everbridge Mass Notification System. Brief and immediate instructions will be given through the Everbridge system when we use it. All other non-imminent communication will be disseminated through the HWS e-mail system and via the Colleges’ Twitter account.

As a summer guest and member of our campus community your cellular telephone number, if provided, is entered into our Everbridge Mass Notification System. This means that should it become necessary to notify our campus community of an imminent emergency on campus you will receive that message via voice and text message on your cellular telephone. Should you receive an alert by text or telephone, you must confirm receiving it. Otherwise you will be contacted again until confirmation has been provided or we cease delivering the message.

In addition, all public HWS computers are now linked to the Everbridge Mass Notification System. When an emergency alert is sent using the Everbridge system, the emergency message will appear on the screen of all public HWS computers that are logged onto the network. If you are using a public HWS computer when a message is sent, please follow the on-screen instructions to acknowledge the message. You will not be able to continue normal use of the public computer until the emergency message has been acknowledged.

Emergency notification messages are also delivered through the Alertus external speaker system that is linked to the Everbridge Mass Notification System. When an emergency alert is sent using the Everbridge system the message may also be broadcast through the Alertus external speakers. Speaker arrays are located on the Bristol Field House, the Bristol Gym, The Katherine D. Elliott Studio Arts Center and the Lansing Hall Science Building. When an Everbridge emergency message is sent, the speakers will emit a loud siren sound followed by the emergency message. While the Alertus external speaker system delivers emergency messages in a loud and clear manner, if you are outdoors on campus and hear the siren but cannot clearly hear the emergency message, please then check your cell phone immediately to view the text message or listen to the voice message.

As members of the HWS community, it is important that you know how to respond in the event you receive an emergency notification message through the Everbridge system. Understanding what specific actions you may need to take based on the emergency message you receive will enhance your ability to respond and remain safe.

The following information is being provided to assist all members of the HWS community to respond to an emergency notification message or an emergency on campus:

Reporting an Emergency:
When reporting an emergency, first contact HWS Campus Safety

Contacting HWS Campus Safety: 315-781-3333
Contacting the Geneva Police Department: Dial 911
Contacting the Geneva Fire Department: Dial 911

Emergency Actions:
Three basic things you need to understand and/or may be instructed to do during an emergency or through an emergency notification are:

  • Evacuate
  • Shelter in Place
  • Lockdown

Depending on the type of emergency and where you happen to be when the emergency occurs, you may need to take one or more of these actions. These three actions are defined as follows:

Evacuate means to exit a building using the nearest available exit, reporting to the buildings pre-determined meeting area and following further instructions from colleges officials or campus safety.

Emergencies such as an indoor hazardous material spill or release, fire, natural gas leak, or bomb threat will trigger an evacuate command.

Sheltering in place means to remain indoors or to seek immediate shelter indoors and remain there during an emergency. Sheltering in place includes closing exterior doors and windows and possibly moving to a more protected interior area of a building depending on the nature of the emergency, and then remaining there until the “all clear” confirmation has been given.

Emergencies such as a hazardous material release or a severe weather occurrence will trigger a shelter-in place command.

A “lockdown” is a temporary sheltering technique utilized to limit human exposure to an apparent life-threatening, hostile or hazardous situation or threat. When a lockdown is declared by the colleges officials or campus safety, occupants of any building within the impacted area are to remain in their respective spaces locking, or if unable to lock, barricading doors, closing and locking windows, drawing shades, covering classroom or office door windows, silencing cell phones, remaining quiet, and not allowing entry or exit to a secured area until the “all clear” confirmation has been given.

Emergencies such as an armed intruder on campus or an active shooter on campus (an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people with a firearm in a confined populated area) will trigger a lockdown command.

For more information about what to do in an active shooter situation and other emergency events, or to view the Run, Hide, Fight active shooter instructional video, please visit the Campus Safety Emergency Planning and Preparedness webpage.

“All Clear” confirmation messages will also be sent through the Everbridge Mass Notification System.

Should you have any questions about the Everbridge Mass Notification System or safety on our campus please contact Marty Corbett, Associate VP for Campus Safety, at corbett@hws.edu or by phone at 315-781-3000.

Should you have any additional questions about summer housing for visiting students, please contact Chad Dupuis, Director for Conferences and Events at DUPUISC@hws.edu or by phone at 315-781-3103.


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