Committee on Staff Engagement

Book Club


Faculty and staff discuss the 2012 election at a CSE Luncheon.

Interested in registering for the book club? Book clubs will meet to discuss the book’s personal and professional impact; workshops will be provided in March by the Division of Student Affairs and Committee for Staff Engagement on how we can implement ideas as colleagues and for our students.

Books will be distributed prior to the winter break; book cost will be determined by the number of staff who register. The Committee for Staff Engagement may arrange for copies for those interested in participating. This year’s book will be ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain.

Contact Brandon Barile for more information.

Previous CSE Luncheon Topics

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  • Updates on Outlook
  • TIAA Cref Retirement benefits
  • Health and Wellness at HWS
  • The 2012 Election



Ruth Shields
Center for Teaching and Learning

Brandon Barile
Residential Education

Darline Polanco
Intercultural Affairs

Lesley Adams
Senior Staff Representative

Chris Fitzgerald
Office of Institutional Advancement

Amy Forbes
Centennial Center for Leadership

Jamie Landi
Environmental Sustainability

Sarah Mullins
Office of Student Affairs

Scott MacPhail
Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development

Kelly Switzer
Office of the Provost


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