An Extraordinary Life

The Hobart and William Smith community lost a unique and impassioned leader in 2005. William F. Scandling died August 22, 2005 and we have dedicated this issue of the magazine in honor of his love and commitment to the Colleges. Bill Scandling's extraordinary life story is featuredin the main piece, written by Brenda Pittman, titled "William Scandling, 1922-2005." Dominic Moore's '05 article "The Greatest Benefactor," captures the impact Bill Scandling had on this institution. The third and final piece records how we said goodbye as a community to our great friend in the Scandling Center on September 25.

This issue of the Pulteney Street Survey is extraordinary in that we devote three stories to one individual. But Bill Scandling was extraordinary. He was a defining force for Hobart and William Smith Colleges for a half century and helped shape the community we enjoy today. Bill Scandling's philanthropy to Hobart and William Smith is well known. He clearly prized the value of his education here and over his lifetime, sought out ways to share his financial success in expanding access with scholarships, supporting building projects and challenging fellow alums to do their part. But Bill's contributions to the Colleges did not end there. His personal outreach to students, faculty and staff created a community of caring and engagement.

We hope you will enjoy the remembrances of Bill Scandling as well as the articles that report on the impressive standing the Colleges enjoy. We are certain Bill Scandling would be pleased to know that Economics Professor Jo Beth Mertens has been named New York State Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and that History Professor Derek Linton won a prestigious award for his impressive new book. Bill would be proud that fellow alums are creating internships and job opportunities for Hobart and William Smith graduates adding to a sense of community. And he would be delighted in the acknowledgement of our esteemed faculty with named endowed professorships.

Regrettably, Bill Scandling did not live to see 2006 and the very bright future ahead for Hobart and William Smith Colleges. We extend our sympathy to Bill's beloved wife, Yvette, who traveled with him to Geneva on many occasions, and his son Michael and daughter-in-law Kathy, who represented him so well at the campus memorial service. We know that Bill's volunteer service to Hobart and William Smith took him away from home on many weekends and away from those he loved the most. So we thank Yvette, Michael and Kathy for sharing him with us.

All my best,

Mark D. Gearan

Mark D. Gearan



An Extraordinary Life

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